New expansion at Tuckerman Brewing Company

The new and larger brewing facility for Tuckerman Brewing Company in Conway is now open

As the desire for beer tourism, brewery tours and tastings has gone up in the past few years, the demand on Tuckerman Brewing Company, originally founded in 1998, has not lessened. Managing Member Kirsten Neves says that Tuckerman used to be open to the public only one day a week for just one hour. If people wanted to see the company, then they were led through the production line where employees bottled beer and up to the tasting room that doubled as an office. But once a week for one hour  – in such a small space – was not meeting the popular demand.

When a piece of property came up for sale directly across from the driveway in Conway that offered 6,000 square feet more than the original Tuckerman Brewing, the expansion began.

The brewery is now completely moved into its new space. Neves says that with higher ceilings, they hope to put in bigger tanks. There's also 5,000 square feet for retail space and a much larger tasting room. Right now, the brewery is open Monday – Friday from 12-5 p.m. with a daily tour at 4 p.m. Don't go for the bar atmosphere, though, because Neves says the bar is still under construction.

Aside from a love of the ravine (for which the brewery is aptly named), the people at Tuckerman love good beer. In terms of its uniqueness, the beer is bottle conditioned to have naturally occurring carbonation. To your German ancestors, that's "krausening." At Tuckerman, the beer is also cold conditioned and dry-hopped in lagering tanks. Neves says that most breweries only cold condition for lagers, but Tuckerman does it with ales to smooth out flavors from fermentation. These unique processes lead to all the goodness and smoothness that is known of Tuckerman Brewing.

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