New craft beer bar coming to Nashua

The Flight Center appeals to brewers and beer lovers alike

Craft beer lovers in southern New Hampshire will soon have a new hotspot. Created by the team behind brewery marketing outfit Hop Head United, The Flight Center is a soon-to-be-opened waterhole in Nashua that promises an unparalleled experience for both makers and consumers of craft brew.

Founder Seth Simonian says that, in his years of brewery consulting with Hop Head, he kept encountering the same problem: a lack of infrastructure.

New Hampshire has no shortage of people with an interest in brewing. There are nearly five dozen breweries in the state, ranging from the nano and micro (like 7th Settlement and 603) to the very, very macro (Merrimack's outpost of Anheuser-Busch). While that's great news for beer lovers, it can be challenging for the folks making and selling the beer. Think of it this way: for every craft-friendly store like Bert's Better Beers, you have far more chain groceries where craft beer might occupy one fraction of one shelf. For every 100-tap Thirsty Moose, you have a block full of bars where craft beer might occupy only two of 16 taps. The same robust beer market that makes it easy to drive around the state and find a brewery in every town makes it nearly impossible to drive to your neighborhood convenience store and find beers from your favorite local producer.

The Flight Center aims to solve that problem.

Opening next month, the space will feature a wide range of local breweries. Able Ebenezer, Kelsen, Rockingham — these and many more will be available, both on tap and at the on-site retail store. It gives brewers a venue for distribution and consumers a one-stop shop where they can find a flight of four beers they may have had to visit four breweries to find otherwise.

As this laser focus on quality local ale suggests, the Flight Center is a place for serious craft beer aficionados. Simonian says the setup will more closely resemble a cafe than a dive bar — a choice that allows visitors to really enjoy their drinks without worrying about loud music or raucous partiers. A lounge vibe and a menu of small plates will enhance this feel, and Simonian says the space will be welcoming for everything from business lunches to a casual round of post-dinner pints.

Visitors to the Flight Center can also expect to learn something about the beers they'll drink at the bar. Knowledgeable staff will be able to provide background on the brewers and varieties represented, and a series of special events will add to the experience. (Keep your ears peeled for the Brewers of the Month, promotions that will include beer pairing dinner curated by the brewers and month-long discounts on certain brews.)

Though the Flight Center doesn't open for a few weeks, you can get a head-start on becoming a patron by supporting it now. The bar met its $1,500 Kickstarter goal this week after just ten days, so the team has recently decided to up the ante. Donate to the Kickstarter in the coming days and you'll not only get attached perks — free drinks at the soft opening, T-shirts and rewards program membership, to name a few — but you'll help the bar in its noble new fundraising goal too. If donations reach $5,000, the Flight Center has vowed to give $1,000 to a local charity. If they reach $7,000, they'll give a grand each to two charities; if they reach $10,000, they'll up the number of benefactors to four. The team is accepting suggestions of partner charities, so put a word in for your favorite, and before you know it, you could be sipping craft beer at the Flight Center and basking in the pride of a good deed done.

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