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Acorn Soccer in the Attic
I read Jane Wingate’s humorous article “Going Batty” [March 2013] out loud to my husband because Jane could have been writing about us. We haven’t had the menagerie of critters that Jane describes, but where she had variety, we had volume.

By the third year of living in our 160-year-old house, it was virtually impossible to get a good night’s sleep once the weather turned cool. Not mice, but flying squirrels invaded our Victorian home. They made a terrific racket playing acorn soccer in the attic. We envisioned the squirrels hosting parties and inviting their friends to stay over for the night. Our young daughters begged us to spare the creatures’ lives … until one was found crawling up the curtains of their bedroom. My husband is not as useful as Jane’s in such circumstances, so we decided to call for professional help.

When an attractive middle aged woman arrived in the pest control truck, we doubted her abilities. She looked kind, gentle, motherly, and her name was Martha. She inspected the attic and set rat traps. She promised to return the next day. That night was something terrible to behold. Sometime around 11 p.m., the traps started to snap … one right after the other. It sounded like "Slaughterhouse 5."

The next day Martha asked me to whisk my daughters into another room so that they wouldn’t see the carnage. She emerged from the attic with 19 carcasses in sacks affixed to her belt. The next day, there were six more, then none. Martha plugged the holes that led to the attic and showed us how to do the same. And we all slept happily ever after.

Margaret Franckhauser

Takes the Sting Out
As usual, Jane [Wingate] can really make me laugh! This is a real hoot and one that just about any homeowner can relate to.

We too have been invaded by earwigs in the last couple of years, a bug I really detest. So far I haven't found any in our bed lately, but I remember when they first appeared in the ’50s, I'd find one now and then under the pillow. The Asian ladybug thing is also something fairly new, I think — one of those little pestiferous blessings brought to us by our Chinese friends. I thought all ladybugs were good until I read about these critters filling up window wells and taking over houses. Ugh. But Jane takes the sting out of it all and I really enjoyed reading her piece. It's always a kick to see her words in print.

Camilla Collova
Harrisburg, Penn.

Itching and Scratching
I just finished reading Jane Wingate's "Going Batty." It's only February but her essay left its imprint: I'm already itching and scratching and looking for snakes. I think maybe New Hampshire is overcrowded and I should stay in the city! On the other hand, we have critters here too. My neighbor, trying to catch a friend's runaway cat, trapped a possum in the Havahart instead. Then there were the wild turkeys that roosted in a neighbor's tree and wouldn't let her enter her house by the front walk.  But at least you can see those buggers. Does this prove that urban life forms are more honest than country life?

Quincy, Mass.

Come on, Come on
Hate to do this, but as an unofficial gatekeeper of good music, I must point out the obvious error in the page 88 story of the March issue.
Janice Joplin? Nyet. Janis Joplin.

Marty Basch

A Bit of the Flavor
I am a new subscriber.  We are planning to relocate to southern New Hampshire from Oregon this year to be closer to friends and family. We live in Central Oregon, the dry two-thirds of the state for the many who are unfamiliar, on the rim of a 400-foot-deep river canyon. It is a spectacular place to live and we will miss the view, but being near friends and family is more important.  

We are looking forward to finding another slice of beauty in New Hampshire. My husband is from there, but I am a California girl and want to get a bit of the flavor of the area before we arrive. I'm enjoying the first issue.

Linda Scarborough
Crooked River Ranch, Ore.

Right Doc, Wrong Place
I appreciate the honor of being listed as a leading physician in Fetal Care, but would appreciate a correction of my work location if possible. I was with Dartmouth-Hitchcock in the past, but left employment there in April 2012. I’m currently with Elliot Hospital. Many thanks for a great publication.
Dr. Gary Kaufman, MD
Director, Maternal Fetal Medicine &
Prenatal Diagnostic Center
Elliot Hospital

Saw It at the Roxy
Another wonderful issue. I especially enjoyed reading the article on Grace Metalious [March 2013]. I saw "Peyton Place" with my parents at the Roxy Theater in NYC in the ’50s! Back in the day when there was a stage show with the Roxy dancers!

Cathy Thorgerson

Not Public
I saw the terrific items about libraries in your current issue [April 2013]. Thanks for the boost, but please allow me to make one correction. We are the Peterborough TOWN Library — because we’re not “free,” we’re paid-for by NH town tax dollars. The Peterborough PUBLIC Library is in Ontario. We learned this the hard way, when patrons insisted we had books they found on the Internet when they searched the Peterborough Public Library website.

Linda Tiernan Kepner, M.L.S.
Peterborough Town Library

Seeing Shadows
Re: your April cover of Fenway Park. This ancient Red Sox fan recognizes craftiness when he sees it, and the artist who did your April cover filled my heart with hope. If NH Magazine can create the miracle of having shadows facing into a bright sun, I'm betting you can also pull off a pennant in 2013 for our Red Sox. Go Sox.

Gordon Russell
New Boston

Too Much, Too Many
Just have to write you about the April edition of New Hampshire Magazine. Unfortunately, it's not to praise it, for it was the worst issue I've ever received.

I'm a native of New Hampshire and love my state for its wilderness, wildlife and our many lakes, ponds, rivers, streams and woodlands. My complaint is your magazine falls way short of any subject of such. Your spread on doctors was way too expansive and took up too many pages. Don't get me wrong, those doctors have my utmost respect for doing what they do. God bless them!

Along with the fact that you probably put in a few too many ads in your magazine. Yes, I realize they pay and help support your publication, but it's a little overkill. I'm not saying I'll subscribe next year. I'll just see if you can do better.

Doug Cochrane

Hoping for Sunshine
I won the "Spot the Newt" contest for the Jan. 2013 issue. I'm quite happy and want to thank you very much for the certificate for two on the "Snow Coach" tour on the Mt. Washington Auto Road. It says that I can exchange it for a summer guided tour. I haven't decided yet which time of year my wife and I will go, but it looks very exciting regardless. We'll have to call ahead to make sure it's not a cloudy day — I want to see everything. Can't forget the camera either! Thanks very much again.

Martin Sullivan

Trashy Stuff
Your February issue of NH Magazine was so distasteful that I did not display it in our dental office's  reception area as we normally do. There are so many romantic, sensual ways in which to spend a lovely Valentine … and yet you chose the trashy stuff. I sure hope you can go back to the quality we are accustomed to.

Maria Ramos

Appreciate It
Just a quick e-mail to say thanks for your review of my "Welcome Home New Hampshire" album [March 2013]. I really appreciate you taking the time to give it a listen and write a review.

Don Watson

Correction: The photo credit for the burger image in the story on Pine Restaurant should read “Gabrielle Varela.”

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