Letters to the Editor

Need a Good Reason for Spotting the Newt?This month’s lucky (and fearless) newt spotter will receive a basket of N.H.-made items from White Mountain Attractions (www.visitwhitemountains.com) representing Attitash, Cannon Mountain, Clark’s Trading Post, the Cog Railroad, the Conway Scenic Railroad, Flume Gorge, the Hobo Railroad, Loon Mountain, Lost River Gorge, Mount Washington Auto Road, Polar Caves, Santa’s Village, Six Gun City, Story Land, Whale’s Tale and Wildcat Mountain.

White Mountain Attractions is a proud member of NH Made (www.nhmade.com), the state?s official non-profit booster of locally generated products and services. (Just for the record, New Hampshire Magazine is a proud member, too.)

Spot four newts hidden on ads in this issue, tell us where you found them and you might win an assortment of great gifts. To enter our drawing for a free gift basket, send your answers to:

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Last month?s ?Spot the Newt? winner is Margaret Casey of Hudson.

May issue newts were hidden on pages 7, 63, 73 and 80.

Letters to the EditorFeeling Blessed

Thank you for the honor of being one of the remarkable women [May 2010]. I am very proud that others believe as I do in Michelle’s Law and that an everyday person can make a difference. The four other women are amazing and I am blessed to be in their company.

I wanted to thank you again for this honor. The articles were amazing and you did a great job (as well as John Hession) in portraying me. My sincere and heartfelt thanks. I look forward to seeing you on the 13th.

AnnMarie Morse

Michelle’s Mom

Job Well Done

Your May issue just arrived, and I flipped immediately to the “Remarkable Women” feature to look for the spread on Dartmouth Medical School pain researcher Joyce DeLeo.

I?d like to compliment the staff on a nice job on the whole feature – the highly appropriate choice of health as a theme this year, the selection of five interesting but different women, the meaty insights into what distinguishes each of them and the attractive photography and design.

And although I may have been swayed by the fact that I, too, love daffodils, I have to say that I found editor Rick Broussard’s delightful discourse on taking note of one’s environs to be an especially graceful example of the “editor’s note” genre.

In short, nice job throughout the issue.

Dana Cook Grossman

Chief of External Communications

Dartmouth Medical School

Sam & the Newts

My family and I have really enjoyed looking for the newts in each edition of your magazine. I have to confess we have an “I Spy” expert in the house (my son Sam who is 9 years old), but sometimes the newts are hidden so well we need all the help we can get.

Thanks for giving us an excellent reason for spending time together as a family!

Christine Benchek

Corry, Penn.

Missed a Few

Having recently moved from River Road in Walpole after living there for 10 years, I read the April “Road Trip” with interest.

There are a couple of great stops that were not mentioned ? one being Stuart and John?s Pancake House that makes not only great pancakes but also their own donuts and maple syrup. You can even visit the syrup production areas or visit the dairy across the street.

Second is the Amish gift shop right where River Road and Rte. 12 meet. They have sheds, picnic tables, gazebos and furniture, all Amish made.

And right near Boggy Meadow, at the end of River Road, is the Hubbard Family’s farm stand with seasonal produce, flowers and homemade donuts on Saturdays.

I’ve been gone from the Walpole area for almost four years now and still miss its beauty and wonderful people.

Robin Bickford

New Durham

A Lick of His Own

My wife and I own Lago’s Ice Cream in Rye. Scotty Lago is our nephew and I saw he had an interview in New Hampshire Magazine [April 2010].

We have created a flavor for Scotty that we can’t keep in stock. The name and ingredients were approved by Scotty while he was in the back country of Alaska filming and placing third at the King of the Hill world competition.

We named it Scotty Lago’s “Bronze Run” – caramel ice cream with toasted coconut, chocolate chips, toasted walnuts and graham cracker.

Scotty is a great kid and it was a pleasure to honor him in perpetuity with his own flavor.

Steve Grenier


Merrimack Meditations

I love your magazine.

[Re: April 2010 feature “Of Time and the Merrimack River”] I live near the Merrimack River and go on the Daniel Webster Highway drive by the Old South Burial Ground and gone over the Sagmore Bridge numerous several times. Next time I’m going to go slow, if safe, and take in the view. It is under reconstruction now, but I could imagine a steamboat cruising along slowly down. Now I can hear the trains at night when they pass through town tooting now and again.

I am a Massachusetts transplant so this was a nice history lesson for me. I plan to go try and visit other places you mentioned along the way. I have visited the Busch Brewery many times with friends from Mass. and go to Wilson’s Farm for vegetables and flowers all year. I have yet to get to the Normanton Farm, but with the weather getting nice we plan on taking a drive down the Bancroft Highway to see the cows.

The article about the doctors was very good. We are patients of a few of them.

Margaret Casey


Way to Go

Re: Old Man or Big Wind, Last Laugh [May 2010]. That’s the way a column should be written, just a nice easy read – like the way it used to be before all columnists turned into politicos.

You give the readers from afar a view of a state they have never been to. You should be a regular.

Tim Heeszel

Hanford, Calif.

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