Letters to the Editor

How Now Sacred Cow?

I couldn’t disagree more with Jeff Feingold and his opinions on our “Sacred Cows” [July issue Capitol Offenses]. His whining about the current New Hampshire taxes is laughable. The people of New Hampshire are right to embrace the “New Hampshire Advantage.”

I came to New Hampshire from New Jersey where we had all the same taxes Mr. Feingold mentioned and more, PLUS a state sales and income tax. Maybe Mr. Feingold should scurry back across the border to Taxachusetts and take his distaste for our “Sacred Cows” with him.

Michael Gelcius
New London

Beloved Waitress Says Thanks

I want to thank all that have voted me “Beloved Waitress” in the Best of NH 2007. I am honored and I truly appreciate this certificate. I would have loved to join the festivities and had my husband felt better. I would have definitely attended. My husband is an amputee with numerous other health isssues and it wasn’t a good night for him. I hope all went well and it turned out to be a great success. Again thank you for this honor and God bless you all.

Helen Ayotte

Why Not Join the Wolf Pack?

Hello, I am a avid reader of New Hampshire Magazine. I would like to see an article on the Manchester Wolves arena football team and the Lady Wolf Pack dance team. I think the arena football games at the Verizon Center are wonderful entertainment. I think the Wolves are truly one of the best things happening in New Hampshire. It is great to have live professional football that occurs in the spring and early summer seasons. The games are enjoyable to attend in part because the weather can’t be too hot or too rainy — the games are indoors.

Anne Tarry

Thrilled to Win

I was totally thrilled to open up the June issue of New Hampshire Magazine and see my name as winner of the “Spot the Newt” contest. I love the magazine and the articles give me a lift in between my visits. I just got back from a four-day stay in Meredith this afternoon and I will probably be back there in a couple of months.
Thank you for making New Hampshire Magazine such an informative, entertaining and attractive magazine.

Jane Irene Johnson
Granby, Conn.

A Satisfied Partygoer

I just wanted to tell you what a great time we had dancing (and eating!) at the Best of NH party. What a great event. I am sure there was plenty of scrambling going on in the background but it all seemed very smooth and polished. It was a wonderful way for us to spend our anniversary.

Karl Huck
Woodstock, Vt.

Remarkable Recommendation

I’m only a recent subscriber to New Hampshire Magazine. My son gave it to me as a Christmas gift. A wonderful gift I get to enjoy each month. Many of your articles are interesting and informative; I learn more and more about my home state with each issue.

I’m writing to ask about your Remarkable Women issue. Do you take nominations for the coming year(s)? Is there a process? I would be happy to write a letter of recommendation and gather other information but thought it best to check with you.
Looking forward to hearing from you. And thank you again for the joy you deliver each month.

Michelle Wright

Editor’s Note: We start the process by determining a theme for the issue, then contacting appropriate advisors and experts to generate a list of nominees. We conduct research to narrow down the list to the finalists. We’re happy to receive nominations from anyone, as long as supporting documentation is provided. The theme for next year is “Renaissance Women.”

Masonic Mystery Solved

I was thumbing through your June 2007 issue and came across a picture of a stone arch at the end of a wall in the Letters to the Editor section. The mason was Kevin French of Wolfeboro. The wall also has a 90-degree twist about ? way through it, which I find more impressive than the arch. Kevin has done a lot of the intricate stone masonry in the Wolfeboro and surrounding area (and beyond). I also think his work has been featured in Architectural Digest in the past.

Silas Nary

Special Honor

Thank you very much for the “NH Magazine’s Best of 2007.” It was indeed a surprise and very much appreciated. And, then to find a photograph of the 2005 exhibit in the magazine was very special.

Pam Tarbell
Mill Brook Gallery & Sculpture Garden

It’s Shaw Time

I have been reading N.H. Magazine for about 5 years thanks to my son. I have never even seen a mention of the Shaw Brothers. They are from New Hampshire and a few years ago were declared New Hampshire’s Ambassadors To The World. Would you please let me know why?

via e-mail

Editor’s Notes: The Shaw Brothers were featured in the magazine a few times in years past, but they haven’t turned up lately. Maybe it’s just that they are such a part of the state they don’t draw a lot of attention to themselves. Anyway, it’s a great idea. Most of our kids grew up learning their songs in school.

Stunning Omission

As a long-time New Hampshire Magazine reader and advertiser, I was stunned to discover the glaring omission of Villa Banca from your April cover story on Nashua’s international flavors.

Villa Banca, with its traditional and contemporary Italian cuisine, certainly qualifies as a downtown business with international flavor. Moreover, as we celebrate 10 years in our central location at the corner of Main and Pearl Streets, most would agree that our restaurant is recognized as a downtown landmark.

During the past 10 years, our mission has gone beyond simply serving excellent food. We have strived to give back to the community by supporting many worthwhile local causes, including Destination Downtown, which aims to keep the heart of Nashua vital.

Given our very visible role and location in Nashua, I cannot fathom how any reporter could have missed us. I can tell you your magazine is not overlooked: I’ve spent the last two months trying to explain our absence from it.

Tim Poplar, Owner
Villa Banca

Short and (Very) Sweet

Thanks for all the work that you do to make New Hampshire Magazine fun and informative to read. Thank you.

Terri Costa

Corrections from the July issue: Northern Rustic Furniture, named “Best Rustic Furniture,” is in West Stewartstown, not Colebrook.

Giorgio’s Ristorante & Meze Bar, named as “Best New Restaurant” and for “Best Appetizer,” is located at 524 Nashua St. in Milford. There is another location, Giorgio’s Ristorante & Martini Bar, Pennichuck Square, Route 101A, in Merrimack.