Letters to the Editor

Like a Dream
Thank you so much for the wonderful pages of the Inn on Newfound Lake. When you go there it is like a dream; every year there are added items. It is like going into another world. The owners treat everyone like family — well worth a trip from anywhere. Bring film; I use up one every year. The food is wonderful.
Judy Christensen

Great Expectations
Thank you for another great magazine. I’ll be looking forward to the Bride magazine. Let me know if you have any potential grooms available.
Stephanie Lussier

Bordering on Humor
I always enjoy reading your magazine and I really enjoyed your December issue. The articles, information and photos were all top notch.
I have to single out the Jack Kenny piece as the one I enjoyed the most. His “Massholes” definition was hilarious. In fact, the whole piece was perfect. I guess it really struck a solid chord with me because I’ve always felt we should convince the federal government to scrap the walls on the Mexican border and put them between Massachusetts and New Hampshire instead. Anyway, the piece was laugh-out-loud funny.
Keep up the good work.
Mike Gelcius
New London

How Splendid
Just a big thank-you for the lovely article about “The Splendid Spoonful.” The photos are great, and it is so timely, as I’m doing a talk and book signing at The Corner House this coming Wednesday, and plan to have the magazine on full display.

The fact that the Corner House recipe is in there is just perfect.

One tiny correction and I’m sure she won’t mind: Lora Brody is from Massachusetts, and lives in Waltham and Provincetown, but she comes to visit me a lot, so you could say she is an honorary N.H. person!

I’m sending a copy to my editor at Chronicle, in Calif. Her parents live in North Conway, so maybe they have it already. Again many thanks for a beautiful piece, the whole issue is gorgeous, I’m planning on using some of the decorating tips for the season!
Barbara Lauterbach
Center Harbor

“It’s” Awesome
Thank you so much for a wonderful article. I had meant to thank you earlier but got caught up with preparing for the unveiling of the Harriet Wilson memorial.

Thank you again for support of our efforts. As you can see, the event was awesome.

JerriAnne Boggis

JerriAnne Boggis, director of the Harriet Wilson Memorial Project, sent the adjacent photo of the unveiling ceremony.

“It’s” a Surprise
One of our reporters picked up a copy of New Hampshire Magazine and discovered, to his surprise, and then to mine, that I was chosen to be It, or at least one of 34 “Its.”

Today I received the “I’m It” mug and your thoughtful letter.
Thanks for thinking of me … now off to get an “I’m It” T-shirt. Anything to extend my few minutes of fame.

Mark Guerringue

“It’s” a Bold Move
Many thanks for your bold move in making me one of the “It” people in the November issue. It is a great honor to be included, particularly among such an interesting and important group. My 15 minutes have been fun, besides.
Your staff writer did a perfect job with the text and it was also a treat to work with photographer John Hession. The result is certainly the best portrait I’ve had. I look forward to working with you all again.
Rick Minard
President and CEO
New Hampshire Audubon

Pleased with “It”
Thanks for the extra copy of New Hampshire Magazine and the “I’m It” mug. I am greatly pleased and honored to be among those illustrious “Its.” I will hope to continue to “make life in N.H. gracious and interesting.” I appreciate that letter very much. And such a happy coincidence for me to share a page with great friends Sy and Howard. This is a wonderful thing you folks do, selecting such people for recognition. I am not alone in my appreciation. Warm and merry winter, undelayed spring.
David Carroll

“It’s” an Honor
It was indeed an honor — and a huge surprise — to be named to your “It List” this year. Thank you for recognizing my work in the historic preservation field. I hope your magazine will remember the work we do at the New Hampshire Preservation Alliance in your upcoming coverage of the state.
I love my coffee mug, too!
Maggie Stier
(Stier is N.H. Field Service Representative for the N.H. Preservation Alliance and the National Trust for Historic Preservation.)