Letters to the Editor

Be Sharp
My letter is twofold. First, just in case the mystery has not been solved, Bode Miller is not from Laconia, he is in fact from Easton, N.H.; a little hamlet in the shadow of Cannon Mtn. All the residents north of Plymouth more than likely know this fact but have not bothered to write in or read your magazine.
Secondly, I just wanted to say that your back-page piece from a couple months ago on starting your chainsaw was hilarious. Since I am a professional in the business I can offer some free advice. First, get your chainsaw tuned up once a year at a certified saw shop. Second, a majority of chainsaw starting problems can come from clogged air filters, especially if the engine has flooded. So if the air filter is cleaned out regularly or replaced, then starting problems should be reduced. Keep up the good work at your magazine.
John Yates

Set Adrift?
My son subscribes to New Hampshire Magazine and he always passes them on to me. I am still interested in N.H. as I was born and lived there until my mid-20s.
I agree with the writer who suggested more news of northern New Hampshire, or has the state been cut in two and the northern half set adrift? From your articles I understand that the wealth lies in the Manchester, Concord and Nashua areas, but I am sure that where I was born in Berlin, there are still great people and beautiful scenery, among other things, although I know that Berlin has fallen on hard times in recent years.
A couple more things: Fried dough [September 2006] can be made with frozen bread dough from the grocery story and there was also a “poor house” in Stewartstown, way way up north of course. Betcha that was before your time!
Anyway, I still enjoy your magazine because I am a diehard Yankee.

Shirley Horne Strickland-Brown
Culpepper, Va.

Enough Already, Pt. 2
We are writing to agree with Barbara Perry’s letter to the editor in the October 2006 issue. There were 21 pages of listed top attorneys, and their paid advertising in a magazine of 104 pages. Without having counted them all, I would guess that a very high percentage of them are all in southern N.H. Many other issues have also been dedicated to Doctors, Dentists and Fancy Houses, and these topics seem to be repeated yearly. We too have also decided not to renew our subscription when it expires even though we have enjoyed some of your articles in the past.

Henry and Barbara Sargent

Editor’s Note: We feature professions and home stories as a service to our readers. We try to have sufficient variety in each issue to make it worth the while of those who don’t enjoy such things. Lists like our Top Lawyers come with great original illustrations and stories by some of the state’s most talented artists. One complaint we frequently hear is that we do not properly represent the north, but the state has seven distinct regions. We do our best to represent them all and to offer suggestions for anyone with an urge to explore.
Timely Solution
Your last edition [August 2006] had a wonderful article on senior life titled “Stand Back.” I believe a piece on our new company would be a wonderful follow up to that article to discuss another option to seniors in need of services.
We provide skilled nursing services in the comfort of a patient’s home with our goal of assisting the wonderful people of New Hampshire by providing an alternative to nursing homes and assisted living facilities. We offer block staffing from as little as 2 hours a day to as much as 24 hours a day, if necessary.
Providing nursing services in patients’ homes can be more cost effective than nursing and assisted living homes.
Jason M. Harvey
Live Free Home Health Care
New Hampton

Bringing Them In
Not a day goes by, up here at the Andres Institute of Art, that I’m not reminded how great the article about us in New Hampshire Magazine [August 2006] is. And that is because so many people are coming to visit us!
John Walters and Susan Laughlin did a very professional job, and we all appreciate it.
John M. Weidman
Andres Institute of Art

Biting Comment
I wanted to thank you for the two mentions of Edra Toth’s “Dracula” in the October issue of New Hampshire Magazine. The picture looks so fabulous! The show is already sold out, but it can’t hurt to have such wonderful publicity, especially since we’re planning to do it every year.
We really appreciate your support.

Nancy Langfeld

Come On In
I’ve been meaning to get in touch with you since your September issue came out [Editor’s Notes, September 2006]. We are so excited that you came to Center Harbor for an early morning boat ride and were touched that you included Yikes! Gallery in your editorial.
We will gladly open our doors any time for you when you are back in our area. We’d love to show you what we are all about. We are proud to be a N.H.’s Best and have our certificate prominently displayed. Hope to see you around town!

Diane Campbell
Yikes! Gallery
Center Harbor and Laconia

Found All Four
I’ve been trying for months to find all four newts! Whooooooooo Hooooooooo! I just did. I love New Hampshire Magazine. My aunt has gotten us the subscription this year and we will continue getting it.
We will be building a log home in New Boston in about six years. I grew up spending my summers with my family in New England and can’t wait to retire there. We love N.H.!!
I’m sooooooo excited!
Carol Wilson
Alexandria, Va.

You Really Like Us
I enjoy your magazine and the state of New Hampshire. We visit Claremont every October we can. It’s a beautiful area. Thanks for the great magazine, great stories.
Jeanie Gover
Rockland, Maine

Ditto That
I’m new to New Hampshire and love your magazine. I wait for it each month to “spot the newt” and find new places to explore. Thanks.
Anne Dwyer