Letters to the Editor

It Was the Best!

Thanks so much for having us as a part of the Best of NH Party. As far as we’re concerned, the whole production was “the best.” Expertly produced, well-executed and a great audience. Congratulations!

We thoroughly enjoyed ourselves and the performance, not to mention the great food and people. We also very much appreciated all the assistance and cooperation everyone extended — from security to floor staff, your advance work and certainly all the guys with Marathon Sound who did a great job.

Curt Mackail
Jumbo Circus Peanuts
Best of NH Party Band

Where in the World?

Why is it that the Best of NH list was so inconsistent in listing locations of some of the winners and not others?

For example, where is The Dunaway located? How about Li Yuen? The Blooming Acorn? Castle Caterers?

Your magazine gives these businesses the accolades, but no info other than a phone number for the readers in many cases. It would be nice and helpful if you gave the town or city for every winner.

Wendy A. Conway

Editor’s Note: Sorry for the oversight. A number of Editor’s Picks were listed without towns. In some cases this was due to the nature of the business and often a Web site was the only address needed, but we will add that information to all the picks in the online version (available now at www.nhmagazine.com). The missing towns in the picks that you mention are: The Dunaway, Portsmouth; Li Yuen, North Hampton; The Blooming Acorn, Bedford; and Castle Caterers, Manchester.

No Jukes?

Go north to Colebrook — pass through the main part of the downtown and find Howard’s Restaurant. It’s the only place I know of that still has one — the same old one they have always had. (Now if you find one that plays “Harlem Nocturne,” let me know!)

(Via postcard, author unclear)

Editor’s Note: A number of suggestions have come in with possible locations of a Best Juke Box . If MRW will send some contact information, we’ll keep an eye out for one playing “Harlem Nocturne.”

Positive Potpourri

For the first time in a long time I just had to write to you.
#1. I loved and agreed with your “Farewell to the Juke Box” … sadly.
#2. I applaud and agree with the first two letters to the editor by Anne M. McKivergan of Strafford (hear, hear!) and Mike Fusco of Orford (yes!). And that was only as I read up to page 8!

Keep up the good work.

Sarah Zuccarelli
Center Sandwich

Giving It a Twirl

One of my team moms came to the gym last night and handed me the New Hampshire Magazine June issue and pointed to the editorial you wrote. Thank you!

The Red Star Twirlers are celebrating 30 years with our own show next Saturday night, July 1.

FYI — we have traveled all over the world performing and will be back in Germany and Austria next summer. This is a typical week for us — Plaistow Parade on Saturday, Fisher Cats game on Wednesday, show on Saturday and National Championships at the University of Notre Dame in three weeks. Then we come back to our second show for Radio Disney at Quincy Market, another game and eight Red Stars heading off to twirl in college come August — Boston College, University of Connecticut, Syracuse, U Tennessee (2) and the first New Englander to ever be the Purdue Golden Girl, and one of only three freshmen — Meghan Lamontagne of Pelham, N.H.’s Outstanding Teen 2005. Not bad for a bunch of kids from New Hampshire!

Your perceptions of Miss NH were right on target. My twirlers are a good example — it is all about the scholarship money, for which they don’t just show up on the stage at Miss NH, they also run Bingo every week and work the boxes at Gillette Stadium. In my opinion the Miss America program is what should be revered, not cancelled, by ABC. If corporations were smart, for example, they would be demanding interviews with Miss America contestants. You could not find a more articulate, smart, involved group of young women. “Pageant Princess” really does not apply to them. “Mistresses of Time Management” might be better.

Gina Hutchinson
Red Star Twirlers
East Derry

Ditch the Politics

I am requesting a refund on my subscription to your magazine. I found some of the articles and the advertisements and places to visit very interesting, however I did not appreciate Mr. Feingold’s column, Capitol Offenses [July issue].

I think your magazine would do well to keep the political agenda out of it.

Susan Richardson

A Fair Observation

Each time I receive my new New Hampshire Magazine I can’t wait to read it cover to cover. I belong to a tri-state social group and at times I become a host in the group to some of the events that are advertised in your magazine and bring several members to these events, i.e. the tour of Portsmouth Lighthouse last month. We’ve never been disappointed.

I was disappointed though when sifting through the calendar of events and found that the Stratham Fair was not noted in the calendar. This is always the first fair in N.H. and kicks off the fair season. This year it is July 27 through the 30 in Stratham, N.H.

I have been a volunteer for many years at the fair, which is run by predominantly volunteers from the Seacoast region, with the monies collected benefiting the community. Many of the food booths are run by hard working volunteers. It features family events and contests, a beauty contest, live bands each day, as well as other vendors, amusements, fireworks, etc.

I’m not sure if a representative of the fair needs to contact your magazine to place this as an event or if one needs to pay for the advertisement. I just wanted to bring it to New Hampshire Magazine’s attention if it was simply an oversight.

Laurie L. Laroque
Received via e-mail

CORRECTION: In the July issue section devoted to the winners of the 2006 Home Builders and Remodelers Association of N.H. Cornerstone Awards winners, the Web site for Customized Structures of Claremont was incorrectly noted. The correct site is www.customizedstructures.com