Letters to the Editor

Need a good reason to spot the Newt?This month's lucky (and fearless) newt spotter will receive a three-month membership to the Fudge Club at the Mill Fudge Factory, which operates in a 1767 grist mill at 2 Central St. in Bristol. Check them out at the NH Made Deerfield Fair building, Sept. 27-30.

The Mill Fudge Factory is a proud member of NH Made, the state's official non-profit booster of locally generated products and services.

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Last month's "Spot the Newt" winner is Rhonda Pepin of Raymond. August issue newts were on pages 2, 10, 38 and 80.

Letters to the Editor

Special Times and Places

My sister, Phyllis S. Scott of Peterborough, gave us the subscription to New Hampshire Magazine, and how we enjoy every issue! Both of us were born and grew up in Portsmouth. After my husband retired from 23 years as a Navy officer and 20 years as a college administrator, we finally "retired for good," the past 21 years in Florida. In your magazine we have enjoyed so many memories of special times and places. But the article on Hampton Beach takes first prize!

Our dad, Phil Sanderson, was the local correspondent for the Manchester Union in the '40s and '50s. It was through him that we got to meet Bill Elliot, the Singing Cop, at the old band shell. The young people in the parking lot listening to the music from the Casino Ballroom are not the first ones to do that! We heard so many of the great orchestras including Benny Goodman, Harry James, Glenn Miller, the Dorsey Brothers. However, one evening Dick and I were there in the back seat of his father's car when his mother returned early to find her son kissing me! My first kiss – and we must have done something right because last week we celebrated 64 years of marriage. Please keep up your good work! We look forward to it.

Shirley and Dick Beane

N. Fort Meyers, Fla.


Editor's Note: We wanted to see the happy couple as they looked back in the day and they obliged us by sending this photo (top of the page), taken 64 years ago, straight out of their wedding album.

Still Smiling

Thanks for including me in your recent article about what makes people smile [August 2012]. That was a nice surprise when a customer of mine at the Farmers Market of Keene came by with the magazine yesterday. The day your crew was there to do the article was a beautiful summer day, and I had actually changed into some decent clothes to go to market after loading my truck with plants. Everyone enjoyed the crew being there, and I'll put the magazine on my table so folks can see what a quality publication you have. Of course, I'll mark the page that has my picture on it, heh, heh! Thanks again.

Maggie Sauvain

Stonegate Farm and Flowers


Designer Duds

I just wanted to let you know that I just got a really cool phone call regarding the article you wrote about us [July 2012]. A woman who works at Emerson Fry in Portsmouth called to say she read the article and cried! She was determined when she got done reading it to do something for us. She called to say they have tons of clothes that have minor mistakes and she is giving them to our girls. They are designer clothes. Our girls are going to go crazy! She is also giving us a donation for our Woman of Achievement event! Thanks for helping us so much!

Cathy Duffy

Girls Inc. NH


Almost Right

Hoorah for me! (I think) I have found the little darlings again. But you had me going when I looked for last month's results – you said page 77 – my page 77 last month had no ads on it – but page 78 did – and that was my guess. Whew!! I know I make mistakes – but when you do it, well now – that's news!!

Sue Barlow


Editor's Note: If that's true, then we make news on a pretty regular basis. Thanks for the correction.

Public in Rochester

I wanted to let you know how thrilled Art Esprit is to be the Editor's Pick [July 2012] for Best Public Art Project!

We have worked for two years on "The Mythology of Rochester" and raised $40,000 for the artists, writers, marketing, community workshops, free entertainment and art scholarships. This public art project had the financial support of the city of Rochester, NH, Charitable Foundation, the NH State Council for the Arts along with numerous local businesses.

Being an all-volunteer non-profit organization, we especially appreciate the recognition for our hard work. I personally have subscribed to NH Magazine for years and always look forward to reading the new issues. Thank you for a wonderful magazine that celebrates our state!

Mary-Jo Monusky

Art Esprit



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