Letters to the Editor

Impressive Plunge
This was a real good issue [April 2012]. Really enjoyed the presentation of the birds of spring. Did not realize that the osprey was the only bird that plunges in the water after its prey. I saw this happen at the Grand Tetons. It was very impressive.

Thank you for a great issue.

Mrs. Blanche L. Proulx

Time Lag
I've been a subscriber for the past several years and am currently reading the April 2012 issue. I want to express my disappointment with the fact that I was asked to find the answers to your raptor photo match online, however, your website is still highlighting your March issue!

I was very unsuccessful in locating the answers via the website – why the time delay?

Lisa Woodman

Editor's Note: Our policy has always been to post the new issue at the beginning of the month when the magazine appears on newsstands, but this has frustrated some subscribers, like you, who receive it about a week earlier. Starting with this (May) issue, we've begun to launch our web version with additional elements to coincide with the delivery of each issue to subscribers.

E Not A
We were pleased and surprised to see that one of the doctors in our practice made the list under General/Family Practice [April 2012]. It was very gratifying for him to see he made the list after having been in practice for almost 32 years in the same community.

Unfortunately, his name was spelled incorrectly. His name is Gerard Hevern, and in the list it is spelled Gerard Havern. Hopefully, most reading the magazine will make the connection when they see where he practices.

We want to display his making the list in our waiting room so longtime patients can congratulate him. Is there a certificate or something similar you can provide that we can hang in our lobby?

Sally Kenyon, CPC
Suncook Family Health Center


Editor's Note: Options exist for purchasing official engraved plaques. Contact our office for details.

General Comment
We're kind of surprised you don't have a [Best of NH] category for general stores since they are such a distinctive part of New England. Of course, we'd like to think we could place in that category. We don't really fit into any of the existing categories, so we're feeling a little left out of the fun. ;o) But we love voting for our favorites in the other categories. Keep up the good work!

Mike & Nancy Lusby
The Brick Store

High Time
As a longtime reader I'm really enjoying the first three issues of 2012. The January issue was the best read yet. Legalizing cannabis in this state, the "live free or die" state, and the entire country is an issue that needs serious attention and debate. Your article did a nice job of articulating both sides. It's high time, now well into the 21st century, that these medieval laws against our freedoms be changed. We are waging a costly war against a medicinal plant for heavens sake! Thank you for having the courage and foresight to tackle this subject! Kudos.

I'm an avid hiker, mountain peak bagger and lover of the natural world and nothing could make me happier than the March issue. Hidden places, state parks, conservation lands, historic sites and travel are all things I would love to continue to see highlighted in NH Mag!

State parks and places of recreation need the exposure so they can thrive and continue to survive in a world that could easily overlook their value. I would love to see more "roadside attraction" type articles because I'm a natural explorer of offbeat and historic places. Thank you for your time.

Michael Buffum
West Swanzey

Come Visit
Thank you for devoting your Q&A column in the February 2012 issue of New Hampshire Magazine to Franklin Pierce and the Pierce Manse. Many people have commented on the article and the Pierce Brigade certainly appreciated all the attention it generated.

For 38 years the Manse has been open to the public with regular hours from mid-June to October and by appointment from school and private tours the rest of the year.

We are just finishing a redo of the parlor and dining room and would like to invite you to visit at your convenience for a tour of the home.

Joan Woodhead
President of the Pierce Brigade

Small Oops
I'd just like to point out a tiny error in this month's article, "Irish Pubs." [March 2012] Myself, Joshua Ames and James Pliakos purchased the Shaskeen from Matt Molloy and Tommy McCarthy in August of 2010.

Thanks, and wonderful job on the magazine!!

Nathan Sheridan
The Shaskeen Restaurant & Pub

No Regrets
I started subscribing to New Hampshire Magazine last year. My only regret about subscribing is that I did not do it a long time ago. You have a really great publication and I look forward to receiving it each month. I never actually lived in New Hampshire, but when my wife (God rest her soul) and I lived in Providence, RI, we used to vacation in NH a lot. Anyway, you have a damn fine publication! Keep up the good work. I will subscribe as long as you continue to publish it and as long as I continue to breathe!

Jeff Weston
Ridgeville, SC

Color Us Mortified
Much as I enjoyed the April issue of your fine magazine, I find myself with some serious bones to pick. My husband and I are very interested in birds, so we turned to the article on NH birds first. You tell us about purple finches, but the photograph is of a house finch. Now whoever chose the wrong photo for NH's state bird should be mortified! Doesn't anyone at your magazine check out the submitted articles?

Second, where oh where was Susan's proofreader for her article on The Chatterbox Café? The sidebar discussing menu items lists a serving of Vegetarian Lasagna at a mere $114.99! A tad pricey, don't you think? And, further down the column, I read that I can order Braised Lamb Shanks for $26,99.

Such carelessness definitely distracts from the overall quality of New Hampshire Magazine. More and more misspelled words, incorrect punctuation and wrong word choices seem to be appearing in print. I hope you'll try harder to buck this unfortunate trend. Those of us who still enjoy reading are offended by sloppy mistakes.

Meredeth Allen

Editor's Note: Mortified, we are. There is a resemblance between the two birds, but our mascot, the red spotted newt, is himself a state symbol and a personal friend with the purple finch. He can't believe we didn't at least run the photo by him. Thanks for your appropriately harsh but well-intentioned comments. No excuses and we promise to, as you put it, "buck this unfortunate trend."

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