Letters to the Editor

Letters to the Editor

Many Adventures
I read your magazine every month faithfully and had an idea for an upcoming edition. I hope you don't mind my sharing? I recently have become a mother (8 months old tomorrow) and now that she is a bit older we are looking for more things to do with her on our days off. It is extremely hard to find things to do and I am very Internet savvy but still find it difficult.

I thought it would be great for all us working parents if you did an edition to help us out by locating all the fun spots in NH for children of all ages. Just a thought… I appreciate your magazine as it has given me many adventures and look forward to many more.

Angela Pelletier

Editor's Note: Thanks for the suggestion. It's worthy of some thought as to how we could put a New Hampshire Magazine spin on family fun, maybe for the summer. Meanwhile, check out our sister publication. Parenting NH for ideas: parentingnh.com.

Sick to My Stomach
I just read Jane Wingate's article "Garden of Eaten" in the September 2011 issue. I couldn't finish it because it made me sick to my stomach. How appalling that people should be so cruel to animals – and even more appalling that you should glorify it in your magazine. May Ms. Wingate choke on her veggies!

Janet Krueger

Do Your Homework
This ["Protecting Your Finances," February2012] was an interesting article that may ring an "alert" bell for retired folks. And that would be good. But Mr. Brueckner is incorrect when he suggests that an annuity, fixed income or otherwise, is like a CD, only with an insurance company as opposed to your local bank.

Annuities are tricky vehicles and any time one is suggested to a prospective buyer, that buyer had better do their homework regarding this product before making a decision. In the proper circumstances, annuities can be a good investment but the "proper circumstances" have to be clearly identified and understood by the buyer. In more cases than not, I doubt that they are.

Bill Zeiler

View from the Window
I have to tell you that I get all three New England magazines and, while the other two have interesting articles from time to time, I enjoy your magazine the most … principally because it is about people. I am also glad that your magazine doesn't have those 10-15 pages at the end selling houses. Seems that they are real estate driven.

As for improvements, only one thought: I know that any good photographer can take a picture overlooking a valley with church steeples or foliage in the fall or the view overlooking an ocean bay. But what I would love to see is a people-focused thing like "the view from my chair."

You could have homeowners submit pictures from their living room, den, bedroom, front porch, etc. of what they see every day out their window. Wouldn't cost you much in running a monthly event of having anyone (subscriber or not) submit a picture of what they see from their NH home. The photograph would have to be set so you get the view from inside as opposed to standing at the window or the deck without the foreground. You can then make it an annual event by picking the best of the past 12 months. I think it would be a nice thing for subscribers to see what other people see every day.

Keep up the great work!

Donald A. Young Sr.
Moorestown, NJ

Editor's Note: We've been thinking about a reader-supplied photo feature to run regularly on the web and occasionally in print. Thanks for the idea.

What About Us?
I do enjoy your magazine and look forward to each issue. My only suggestion or, better said, request would be please don't forget the Lakes Region of the state, especially the eight towns that surround Winnipesaukee. I live in the beautiful town of Wolfeboro, the oldest summer resort in America. Besides several lakes, Winnie, Wentworth, Crescent and Rust Pond, we have lots going on year-round. I could go on and on but that is not for me to do. Keep up the great job that you are doing, you have a first-class magazine.

Donna Solod

Loving 603
I read this Love Issue [February 2012] at my friend's house and enjoyed it so much that I just had to get a few copies and send them to my children away at college. One of my daughters has friends that are amazed at how much she loves being from the 603. She even wears a T-shirt that sports just her zip code. I can't wait for her to have this issue of New Hampshire Magazine! I especially liked the article about celebrities mentioning their favorite NH things. The

PS on the front cover was right … I did love this issue!

Zoe Fimbel
Mont Vernon

Peru Isn't Local
I think somebody goofed! The sub-heading to the Food Lovers' Guide article on page 40 of the February issue reads: "helping to support local agriculture" but features a photo of asparagus labeled "produce of Peru" printed on the purple elastic band. Somehow I don't consider Peru as local.

Otherwise, the article was very informative, especially the listings of farms, co-ops, markets, etc. Thanks, and please update the list on a regular basis.

Connie K.

Celebrate the Day
Each year you devote your April issue to the "Top Doctors" in New Hampshire with a "Doctors' Poll" giving doctors the opportunity to cast votes for their peers. More recently, you added a "Readers' Poll," which now gives patients the chance to vote for the outstanding physicians who oversee their well-being and care.

It's wonderful to see the "My Hero" portion of the "Reader's Poll" where the reader has the opportunity to write a paragraph about a physician, in any specialty, who has gone above and beyond caring for them or a family member. Thank you for giving your readers the chance to recognize some of the extraordinary doctors we are so fortunate to have in New Hampshire.

National Doctors' Day is celebrated annually on March 30. Many hospitals, health organizations and patients recognize physicians in many different ways on that day. Since your April issue is devoted to doctors, how nice it would be to reserve some space in your magazine relating to their day of recognition. Your readers could be polled asking them how they honor their doctors and show appreciation for all they do for them and their health.

Rosemary Dettelback

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