Letters to the Editor

Kitchen Kudos

I just wanted to say what a lovely job you did on the article on “The Pantry” [September 2007] and what great feedback I’ve already had. I do appreciate that you have included my Web site and blog addresses also.

Just a follow-up note that I included a link to your article and New Hampshire Magazine in my blog and thought you might want to read it: www.inthe pantry.blogspot.com.

I also think in this upcoming election year that Dr. Bill Siroty would make an interesting profile with all he does with his www.NHnewslinks.com Web site in political realms.

Thanks again for a great piece! And I loved the fine cover also.

Catherine Seiberling Pond

Editor’s Note: We haven’t profiled Dr. Siroty at length but he was on our 2006 “It List,” so we did recognize him last year as someone to watch. Check out this year’s It List (page 50) for more up-and-comers and movers and shakers.

Now you see it …

Our family enjoys our subscription to New Hampshire Magazine very much and have especially enjoyed following the recommendations for fall activities. However, I did find one part of a story incorrect and thought I should mention it. It concerns the article by Tom Long on Littleton in the October 2007 edition of the magazine.

It states that the Village Book Store “has one of the most impressive Harry Potter displays this side of London Bridge. Not only are there the books but also Sorting Hats, stuffed Hedwigs and an impressive looking Golden Snitch.”

Our family drove from Concord to Littleton, as a result of your article, to enjoy the fine fall foliage and especially to visit the bookstore with the impressive Harry Potter display. When we arrived there was no such display and when I asked about it two different workers said they had no idea what I was talking about. They indicated they had a display for the promotion of Book 7, but that was it.

When I mentioned that I had just read about this in this month’s New Hampshire Magazine, hoping that they would certainly know about an article that will generate so much free publicity for them, both workers stated that they weren’t familiar with that magazine and didn’t even think they carried it!

I realize that magazines put their pieces “to bed” weeks before the edition will come out and it was entirely possible that it was during the Book 7 promotion when the author visited. But it was just such a disappointment to find no such display and, furthermore, complete ignorance of something that will generate so much business for them. I just thought you should know and want to let you know again how much we do enjoy your magazine.

MaKayla Holoubek

An Official Reply

Thanks for passing along the letter you received (above). I guess we’re also a bit stumped. We did have a large display at the time of the HP 7 release, July 21. I don’t know whether your writer was here at that time. It is true that we don’t currently have such a display — we try to keep changing things around for our customers.

We certainly do carry the magazine (though we haven’t yet received the October issue!), and we appreciate the coverage of Littleton, the Book Store, and also our League of N.H. Craftsmen gallery. We were proud to be named in your “Best in NH” list awhile back and continue to work to earn that kind of recognition.

We regret that your reader was disappointed. I guess if we’d known there would be an article in the October issue referring to the display, we could have let your writer know that the display was in support of the book’s launch in July.

We’ll certainly be selling many copies of the October issue. We’ve had several requests already, as I’m sure you can imagine.

Jeff Wheeler
Village Book Store


OK, I poured over the September issue every single day for the past month and never found my fourth newt. Your October issue says it is on page 38 (I found the other three). I have never not found a newt — this has been driving me crazy!!! Even knowing that it is on page 38 now, I cannot find it. Please tell me exactly where it is so I can move in with my new issue. Thank you!

Erin Gravel

Editor’s Note: We got a few requests for help with this one particular newt. Maybe it was half chameleon. It’s in the lower left-hand corner of a photo in the Bonne Vie Salon & Spa ad, and it blends so well with the color background it is a bit hard to spot.

Ode to a Newt

There was a little newt from New Hampshire,
who went on vacation this fall.
First to the “Tupelo Music
Hall” (p. 31),
then down “The River” (p. 103) to call,
on the Rat Pack at the “Palace
Theatre” (p. 35),
where Frankie and Sammy did brawl.
Because he had “Pride In New
Hampshire” (p. 102),
they named him “N.H.’s Own”
(p. 102), the best newt of all.

Patricia Capazzi
Millville, N.J.

Slipped By Us

I realize your staff couldn’t compare all the New Hampshire-made soaps, but you missed our favorite here in Intervale: Fields of Ambrosia, handmade Shea Butter soaps. Check it out — www.fieldsofambrosia.com.

Lynn Lockard

Best Makes It Better

Northern Rustic Furniture Company would like to thank you for the “Best of NH” award that New Hampshire Magazine presented to us in July. It has been a real boost to our already-thriving business. So many times the businesses in far northern New Hampshire get overlooked by the media, the state and in many cases the public at large.

Your magazine highlights unique businesses like ours and lets people know that they don’t have to go to the mall to find “The Best” of anything — it’s available in many cases right down the street. We will try to maintain the quality and unique variety that got Northern Rustic Furniture Company this award and we hope that New Hampshire Magazine will continue to notice.

Dennis and Laura Thompson
Northern Rustic Furniture
West Stewartstown

Take a(nother) Hike

As a New Hampshire Magazine reader, I thoroughly enjoyed reading about your recent hike up Mt. Monadnock in your September Editor’s Note. As the brand communications manager here at Eastern Mountain Sports, I appreciate you mentioning our company and your intention to pay us a visit before your next hike.

Please accept the enclosed [$20] gift card along with my hopes that you will pay a visit to our brand new store in Portsmouth. This store opened in August of this year and was the most successful grand opening in company history. We celebrated our 40th anniversary last month and by the end of the year, we will have opened six new stores featuring our new logo and brand image.

Have fun on your next hike and, if there’s anything Eastern Mountain Sports can do to help you lead a better MNTN life, please give us a call.

Jim Darroch
Eastern Mountain Sports

“Down on Dairy” Debated

I almost dropped my sundae when I read the joyless diatribe by Ms. Slitt [“Letters to the Editor,” August 2007]. For crying out loud, we’re talking about ice cream. I’m sure, somewhere, there’s an audience for the vitriol she dispenses, but it’s not here. What an awful, inappropriate letter.

Glen Fraser

A-maze-ing Response

Thank you for the wonderful article on our [Coppal House Farm] Corn Maze and Haunted Overload. I have not been able to purchase our own copy of New Hampshire Magazine yet (not out on the newsstands, perhaps today), but we did get a copy from a subscriber.

We also had many people last weekend mention that they saw the article in New Hampshire Magazine and specifically came out to the farm.

Lisa Tutinas

A Few Things to Mention

I live in New Hampshire and travel weekly to New York for business. I have lived my life in Manchester and continue to for many of the exact reasons your magazine preaches. I have just a couple of things I’d like to mention.

1. “Best of” coverage is a great idea! When I saw this I said to myself how really useful this is. It would be great if you could expand this to Best Landscaper, Best Homebuilder, Best Schools.

2. Speaking of schools, in reference to the John Bachman article “Who Rules” I have to agree with him over and over, except for the schools in N.H. — especially in Manchester. From my understanding the schools are nothing to write home about and if nothing is done about it N.H. will have a much harder time retaining quality people and building a quality infrastructure. We don’t want a flash-in-the-pan growth period. People move away for their children to be able to attend better schools. Our family and neighbors are all too aware of the poor school situation and we are always discussing what we are going to do for our children. Hopefully Manchester will recognize this very important touch point in its growth cycle and doesn’t just concentrate on the short term business growth it is seeing. Because it will be short if they do not recognize the importance of the schools.

Good luck with your magazine.

Ken Murray