Letters to the Editor

Yet Another Scoop

I’m a fan of homemade ice cream so was very interested in your story in the August issue [“The Scoop on Ice Cream”] and looked to see if my favorite places were listed.
Some were. One that wasn’t listed is another fine choice: Merrivale Farms Ice Cream, located on Route 3A (254 W. River Rd.) in Hooksett. It’s a small shop but they have wonderful homemade ice cream.

My other favorite location for ice cream is aboard the Schooner Summertime, where the captain churns ice cream on board for cruising guests. When I sailed on the Summertime a few weeks ago, we had a little ice cream left over so I added it to my bowl of oatmeal the next morning. What a treat!

Ellen M. Ruggles

Editor’s Note: Thanks for the suggestions. Schooner Summertime sails in waters to the north of us in Maine, but it sounds like fun.

Sweet Success

I’ve been remiss — I’ve been meaning to write you to tell you how well the ice cream article was written. I stopped in the day after the magazine came out, and Tom Morrison said 12 parties had already come in to check him out after reading the article! It’s good to help these hard-working folks and to educate your readers at the same time.

Charlie Burke
NH Farm to Restaurant Connection

The Missing O

I read Martha Bauman’s well-written column in which she covered everything about Assisted Living [“Lending a Hand,” August 2007]. I hope that her column is a regular thing with New Hampshire Magazine. However, your editing job leaves something to be desired.

I am certain that Martha did not write “One can chose … “ because later she asks “How do people choose a facility?” I have made mistakes like that but I am very tired of seeing the words, “choose” and “chose” mixed up. The same thing happens with “loose” and “lose.” I have too often lately read, “What have you got to loose?” I feel like replying that I have already “loosed a few screws and don’t plan to lose any more.”

Ms. Bauman’s article was excellent and needed and made me change my mind because after the hatchet job on Gore by Mr. Kenny I was about ready to cancel.
If Ms. Bauman is a regular with the magazine then I have reason to keep on reading it.

Dick Learned

Touching Tribute

I just had a chance to read your story on Brad Delp [Editor’s Notes, August 2007]. It is a wonderful piece. Thank you for your kind words for Brad. All the best!

Jim Roach

Being Best is Good

Being a small, independent bagel shop in the Lakes Region, I did not realize the implication of being named “Best Lakeside Bagelry” by New Hampshire Magazine. Just want you to know that you have brought us fame (if not fortune) and congratulations from many customers, new and old alike. Thank you for finding us and naming us the Best of New Hampshire 2007!

Joslyn Halstead
Center Harbor

Editor’s Note: The letter included a $100 donation to the N.H. Food Bank.

Best in Berlin

You have no idea how exciting and rewarding it was for all of us to learn that St. Kieran Community Center for the Arts was selected as one of New Hampshire’s “Best”! Bringing quality arts programs to Berlin and the North Country is always a challenge but truly a labor of love. We strongly believe that celebrating the arts, creativity and our rich cultural heritage builds a sense of common ground and pro-actively supports a new community-based economic vision for the North Country.

Joan C. Chamberlain
St. Kieran Community Center for the Arts

Don’t Knock Fox

Regarding the Arts and Entertainment Best of New Hampshire pick for Fair and Balanced Interview Program: “The Exchange” with Laura Knoy — perhaps she does have a good program, but to knock Fox News is ridiculous.

They are very fair and balanced with conservatives — Brit Hume, Fred Barnes, Oliver North, Sean Hannity, Michele Malkin, Bill Sammon, etc. — but they also have liberals — Juan Williams, Alan Colmes, Kristen Powers, Jane Goodman, Lanny Davis, etc. So they are very fair and balanced. On the other hand, CNN and certain other networks are not. They don’t call CNN the Clinton News Network for nothing.

Mary Paquette

Power Point

I enjoyed reading the article on Laconia in the August edition of New Hampshire Magazine. I found it very interesting and it has called attention to places I didn’t know existed and would love to explore.

I do believe that there is one correction that should be made. In his discussion of the Belknap Mill, Josh New mentions the dam’s sluiceway once turned the “combines” that powered the waterfront mills. I believe the proper term is “turbines.” My understanding of a combine is that it is a piece of farm equipment. Having studied much of the history of the Lowell Mills, I have seen and am familiar with the use of the turbine in providing power to the looms of the old mills.

Regardless of the error, I found the article delightful and very complimentary of our city.

Judy Eppley

Hey from Horse Country

What a terrific publication — such interesting articles and marvelous photos. You really bring New Hampshire to life. Just love your state. My grandparents used to live in New London, and many a summer vacation was spent there as a child. Wish the miles were closer so I could inquire about submitting some stories.

I’m a bit down the road in the Bluegrass of Kentucky — smack-dab in horse country in the small town of Versailles (10 miles from Lexington). I’m a feature writer for Draft Horse Journal, a quarterly magazine about draft horses and mules, published in Waverly, Iowa. I also freelance for other publications with a main focus on agriculture, equine medicine and health, equestrian life, history, small farm marketing, gardening, food and travel.

Hopefully, I’ll be able to return to this lovely state where memories of blueberries and homemade ice cream fill my mind. I can still remember my trusty blue bucket my grandmother gave me to gather berries. Oh, what joy.

Cappy Tosetti
Versailles, Ky.

Jumping Newts

I actually found all of the newts this time! I have never found all of them before. Last month I could not find even one; I became discouraged and nearly gave up. But I received my issue today and while I was at the lake enjoying the sun and warm water I figured I would try just once more and I discovered all four as if they jumped off the page at me. You can’t believe my joy at finding them! Thank you for doing Spot the Newt!

Mariann Harvey

Editor’s Note: For those who were not so keen-sighted in their newt spotting we failed to update the locations of the previous month’s newts in last month’s letter section. We regret any eyestrain this may have caused.

Cut It Out

My husband and I have thoroughly enjoyed following many of your suggestions for day road trips in New Hampshire. I have cut out many of them and keep them in a file for suggestions to other people also.

I may be wrong, but it seems to me that there was a trip to the northern part of N.H., the Colebrook and Pittsburg areas, but I am unable to find it.

Is there a way to access the road trips that have been suggested in the past through e-mail?

Susan LaPlante

Editor’s Note: The Road Trips are available online at www.nhmagazine.com in the UpFront section.

What About Dad?

As a former New Hampshire resident, I was overjoyed to receive my first issue of New Hampshire Magazine, and felt like I finally had a little piece of home with me. I was, however, disappointed that my favorite periodontist, Dr. James Hamilton, DDS, of Family Dental Care, in Milford, did not make it into the Top Dentists issue. Oh, yeah, and he just so happens to be my father!

Samantha Smith
Manhattan, Kan.

Jammin’ on Laurel Hill

Thank you for the recent accolade for my Stretch Jams & Jellies. I am now called Laurel Hill Jams & Jellies because of the beautiful mountain laurel growing in my neighborhood. It blossoms around June 15 and is marvelous. Also, on all the topographical maps of Bedford, you see “Laurel Hill,” AKA Birchwood Circle.

Your Jammin’ article will give me a jump start to my second career. I just retired from Manchester High School West after teaching for 41 years. I spent the last 20 at West.

Thank you. I’m humbled.

Susanne Stretch

Corrections: In our July issue, the Butternut Squash Ravioli entrée from Villa Banca in Nashua was named as an Editor’s Pick for Best of NH. We said it was made with phyllo. The appetizer dish dish made with butternut squash is made with phyllo. Our apologies for the confusion.

In the July issue Q&A “Beach Boys,” a credit for Portsmouth-based photographer Ralph Morang was hard to see. Our apologies. Morang also took the photo for this month’s Q&A.