Letters to the Editor

Not Quite Yet
We just received your August issue here at the Christa McAuliffe Planetarium, and were surprised to see the reference to a wing here being named after Alan Shepard [on the “Blips” page]. At this point in time, we do not have an Alan Shepard wing. However, we are currently in the midst of fundraising for a major expansion which will result in the building of the McAuliffe-Shepard Discovery Center, of which the current Planetarium would be a part. The new center, when built, will be New England’s only Air and Space Museum.
Stephen Knipstein
Christa McAuliffe Planetarium,

Sticky Bun Bonanza
I have just found the time to write you a note to thank you for including Basic Ingredients in your Editor’s Picks [July 2006] — the response has been tremendous! All of my regular sticky bun customers are so proud to be the first to get in on the bun-loving craze here on Newfound and we are meeting all sorts of wonderful new fans of the sticky bun. It is just that my parking lot is getting a little crowded!! And as Martha would say, “That’s a good thing.”
Also thank you (and your hard working staff) for the great party at the Verizon Center. I took my entire staff as a celebration gift and we had a blast. It was great to meet some of the folks you hear and read about and know that you all belong to a very cool club.
Also thanks for giving Bristol a nod as an unsung destination — a great shot in the arm as folks are looking for a place to hang in the summer.
Garlyn Manganiello
and the folks at Basic Ingredients

Going South
After reading the Best of NH edition and now the Best Dentists edition of your magazine, I would like to make a suggestion — why don’t you start a best of Northern N.H. and Best of Southern N.H. edition of your lists. For those of us who live north of Concord, it gets tiring to only read about your “Bests” being from only south of Laconia.
Our dentists, our doctors and a lot of other things up north are really great but if you base your votes solely on numbers, the Southern N.H. establishments will always win because that’s where the majority of the population (and I’m guessing your readers) is.
For those of us up north, it just turns us off to only read about the Bests in the South.
Paul Kirsch

Pulling People
Thank you for the terrific article about the American Independence Festival
in this month’s [July 2006] New Hampshire Magazine.
The story was great. Despite rainy weather this past Saturday, we still had several thousand visitors attend the American Independence Festival. I know the article helped pull people to the event.
Please keep us in mind if you need a resource for 18th-century American history. Thanks again.
Debbie Kane
American Independence Museum

Mais Oui!
I love your tone in the magazine. Your comment about monkfish liver [August 2006] is trés bon!! Also, your photos are beautiful.
A couple of months ago, I finally experienced what you had referred to at the fabulous French Bistro here in Milford. I must have dined early enough to enjoy that incredible bread from Montreal instead of the white spongy “stuff.” Delicieux!!
I returned last week from my grand tour de France where I led grandmoms and four granddaughters through fairyland France. Fantastique!
We actually experience people alive today who through their work, art and mere being are changing their communities, city and, in one case, the world scene. I am so grateful. To be the conduit for these amazing humble people is beyond belief.
Keep up your wonderful work.
Carol Bonow

Good to Go
Now would be a great time for me to tell any/all how much I enjoy the magazine. I have a stack of them in every room in my house!
I have found more interesting places to visit, shops for great gifts, restaurants for yummy treats and very informative articles about the beautiful state of New Hampshire.
My husband and I are Harley riders and we use your magazine often when planning a “trip around the block.” I have the July issue (Best of NH) stored in the tour pack of the bike so we can reference it while on rides with our friends.
Thanks to everyone involved in making this one of my favorite “reads”!
Thank you for a great magazine and a most frustrating (but amusing) hunt for the newt!!
Judi Dunlap

N.H. in a Nutshell
In the article, Tempest on a Teapot, [August 2006], Susan Laughlin indeed showed her talent in photography as well as reporting. She compacted a multitude of my work and, in the short article, managed to take the reader through my artistic life of multi-faceted endeavors.
Having been busy with my work I had lost touch with this publication. Now I find it filled with features and events of New Hampshire. I feel as if I’m seeing New Hampshire on CNN. I think if anyone wants to get to know New Hampshire and does not want to waste time, he would just have to take a look at a few issues of the New Hampshire Magazine.
Thank you for such a unique, outstanding and rich publication and for including me in the life of New Hampshire Magazine.
Jafar Shoja

*Correction: The Anheuser-Busch representative serving up beer samples at Best of NH, featured in Out & About in the August issue was not Jay Baldassara but Kevin Clark of Great State Beverage.