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Need a good reason for spotting the newt?This month’s lucky (and fearless) newt spotter will receive a lovely Peterboro basket from the Peterboro Basket Company, compliments of NH Made. Peterboro baskets have been manufactured here in New Hampshire for more than 150 years.Peterboro Baskets is a proud member of NH Made (www.nhmade.com), the state’s official non-profit booster of locally
generated products and services. (Just for the record, New Hampshire Magazine is a proud member, too.)Spot four newts hidden on ads in this issue, tell us where you found them and you might win an assortment of great gifts.To enter our drawing for a free gift basket, send your answers toSpot the Newt
c/o New Hampshire Magazine
150 Dow St., Manchester, NH 03101E-mail them to newt@nhmagazine.com, or fax them to (603) 624-1310.Last month’s “Spot the Newt” winner is Lillian Hicks of Colebrook. July issue newts were on pages 17, 25, 92 and 103.Letters to the EditorKudos to Kevin
I have just read the funniest article in your magazine about Motorcycle Week written by Kevin Flynn [“Born to be Mild,” June 2011]. I know he is a great writer of nonfiction and have been a fan of his since I read his first book but had no idea he could write humor. He is certainly a talented man and in the hope he will be a regular contributor to your publication I am going to become a subscriber. Thanks, Kevin! Today I sent in my request for a subscription and bought two NH Magazines from the store – one to keep and one to share.Sally Witty
MarlowHe Begs to Differ
I was in the middle of reading “Boomer Bikers” in your June issue when a group of particularly loud ones went by the house. I just thought I would offer up a different perspective from the article.Summer in beautiful New Hampshire is becoming less and less enjoyable. The outrageously loud motorcycles are so painfully annoying. Perhaps if tourists realized that N.H. allows motorcycles to emit noise up to 106db, and that even this ear-splitting high level is seldom enforced, they may stop coming for vacations. Perhaps when it hits the tourist revenue there may be sufficient pressure to get a sensible law and enforcement initiated.Ron Charles
AndoverOut of the Park
Just wanted to thank you for the excellent interview with Sam Fuld in the latest [“Blips,” July 2011] issue. As huge Fuld/baseball-in-general fans, we have to say that Lynne Snierson hit it out of the park … it was savvy, not snarky, and the kind of to-the-point style that we want to see more of in the mag. Great interviewer, great interview, nice issue. Keep it up!Andrea & Ben Sullivan
BethlehemEditor’s Note: Glad you liked it. I hope you went online to read the entire transcript of the interview under the People tab. Fuld may be a superman, but he’s also a funny guy.FANtasy Photo
I’m a New Hampshire business owner and a subscriber to your magazine. I feel it’s one of the best magazines I provide in my reception area.I was just enjoying my July issue this morning and as I turned to page 66 I was so surprised to see my brother’s truck in the photo. It’s the white truck right behind the pace car. He has been a true NASCAR fan for many years and took advantage of the FANtasy Drive that day. He had a great experience despite the inclement weather.I would like to contact the editor that provided this photo in “Best of NH 2011, Adventure” article to see if I could obtain a copy of this picture. I feel this would be a very special and unique photo for him to have.Ronaele Ann Smith
WolfeboroEditor’s Note: The photo was provided to us by the N.H. Motor Speedway and the photographer is Laurie Thiboutot. You can see it in the photo box above.
What’s the Scoop?
Wouldn’t you love to do a story on that historic home/resort/estate (?) along Rte. 101 between Peterborough and Dublin? I’ve driven that route off and on for 30 years and am fascinated to note that someone (who?) is finally renovating and restoring it. I’ve tried to find some history online but to no avail. So of course I thought of my favorite NH Magazine and certainly felt that they (you!) could do the research for me and find a possibly intriguing story as well. Sure hope to read all about it in your magazine sometime in the future – check it out!Susan Wallace
PelhamMoonbeam Miss
You missed out on a fabulous breakfast at the Moonbeam Café in Gorham [“Best of NH,” July 2011]. The food is great. When I was last there I couldn’t decide which muffin to have, one was lemon raspberry and the other was pumpkin and peanut butter, I think. My waitress served me both since I couldn’t make up my mind. Now that’s what I call a fabulous waitress.My son had some delicious pancakes and they don’t serve maple syrup in a teeny weeny little plastic cup, either. No, he had all the maple syrup he needed for the delicious pancakes he ordered.The café has an interesting story, too. It has beautiful woodwork. I think it was a public bathhouse in the days before every home in town had inside plumbing. It is a gem.I have only been to the Moonbeam Café twice and both times were great. Next time you take a tour of Gorham, I think you should try breakfast there.Ellie Gordon
IntervaleNabbed by the Flag Police
I just read NH Magazine for the first time at my hairdresser. Great magazine, but I wanted to point out the American flag should always have the field of blue on the left when it is displayed on a wall hanging down. On page 13 the flag was incorrectly displayed. It was lovely as a tea-dyed piece.Kate Nickerson
RochesterEditor’s Note: Wish I could say we were just testing our readers, especially since we have an interview with the leader of the state’s unofficial “flag police” in that same issue. Oh, well. Consider us busted. Above in the photo box is a corrected photo, just for the record.Reader Recycling
The magazine seems to get better with each issue. After I finish reading, instead of just throwing it away, I give it to my son – they visit N.H. twice a year – who keeps them.Mary Franklin
Cromwell, Conn.CORRECTION: The phone number for Milne Travel that appeared in their ad in the July issue was incorrect. It’s actually 877 Milne 4U.

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