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Unfortunately, no newts appeared in the April issue. To help remedy the error two prizes will be awarded for correct answers to May’s hidden newts.

No Newts is Bad News

Our faithful (most of the time) and trusty (usually) Newt Wrangler went on vacation last month and, in her haste to prepare for the trip, neglected to hide any of the newts. She was willing to pose in a dunce cap, but the many notes of befuddlement and eyestrain were punishment enough. To make it up (partially) to the avid throngs of newt spotters out there, this month we’ll award TWO prizes.

Letters to the Editor

Ratings from Readers?

My goodness, it is hard to believe that 1/12 of your covers [“Top Doctors,” April 2011] are based on the ridiculous notion that your readers are qualified to identify the top doctors in the state. An otherwise wonderful publication such as yours should not be marred by such a transparent effort to drive ad sales.

Ron Crowley


Editor’s Note: While we did invite our readers to chime in on their favorite doctors, the actual Top Doctor list is the result of a poll of all the licensed physicians in the state, so the results are based upon the opinions of peers within the medical profession.

Asleep at the Switch

Once again I have received the “Top Doctors” edition and once again you have left out sleep medicine. I called someone about this last year hoping it would be corrected but it was not. Sleep disorders affect a large percentage of the population and have a great impact on emotional and physical health. They also pose a great public safety risk (truck, bus and industrial accidents). Sleep medicine is a recognized subspecialty by the American Board of Medical Specialties and I don’t understand why your magazine continues to ignore this important field of medicine. If I see this same omission next year I will be compelled to cancel my subscription.

Michele Gaier Rush, M.D.


Sleep Evaluation Center


What We’re Missing

Very detailed, well-written article [“Five Remedies,” March 2011]. As a homeowner in Hale’s Location since 1995, I appreciate the beauty of the development/golf course, the fine hotel owned by Gary and Carol Sullivan, our low taxes and low maintenance fees, and I appreciate the years of work Robert Carleton devoted to his project. (Please note the correct spelling of Robert Carleton’s name, there is an “e” in his name.) Thanks for publishing!!! I do hope this article will encourage people to stop by and take a look! They don’t know what they are missing.

Rebecca I. Horvath

Hale’s Location

Wrong Turn

Thank you for running a story on my consignment shop, ReRuns, in your April edition. Already we are starting to see a response, for which we are most grateful. Unfortunately, the article placed my business in Derry. We are actually located off Route 102 in Londonderry. Would it be possible to print a correction in your next issue? A few Manchester-area customers have mentioned driving off in the wrong direction when trying to find us. Thank you kindly for your consideration.

Denise Monroe

ReRuns Consignment Shoppe


Best of NH Trip the Best

We are back from our trip to Ocho Rios! We had a blast! The weather was amazing – 85 degrees every day! The resort was so much fun! Two beaches, eight pools and so many activities! The food and drink were great! Three specialty restaurants as well as the main dining area and the rum and Red Stripe started flowing at 10 in the morning! Climbed Dunns River Falls! Amazing, fun and beautiful! We met people from all over the world! It was such a great time! Andre and I want to thank NH Magazine again for this opportunity!

Diane and Andre Beaudry


Editor’s Note: Diane was the lucky winner of the Sunset Resorts Jamaica Vacation drawing at last year’s Best of NH Party. There’ll be another vacation give-away at this year’s party on June 23, courtesy of Milne Travel/American Express Vacations and Travel Impressions/American Express Vacations. Visit www.bestofnh.com for details.

Help for the Homeless

Although you mentioned the two largest nonprofit thrift stores in New Hampshire [“Bargains Galore,” February 2010], your article is missing a specific section on the many nonprofit thrift stores in New Hampshire. Specifically, OutFITters Thrift Store on Second Street in Manchester that sells furniture, housewares and clothing for the family and OutFITters Thrift Store Boutique, in downtown Concord, which sells upscale women’s clothing and accessories. Profits from both stores go to support housing and services to the homeless through Families in Transition. Homelessness is on the rise, so the need for these types of services are in high demand.

Michele Talwani


Online Comments:Mike Sehl wrote about “The Strange Case of Abolitionist John Coe and his Prodigal Son”: Many of us who attended Belknap College either resided in or visited the Coe House back in the day. There were rumors or stories about the possible connection to the underground railroad. It is good to see the story come to the light of day and be shared by so many.

Tom Hickey wrote in response: Mike, If you have any stories you would like to share either about those rumors, or just about what it was like to attend Belknap College, I’d be very interested in them.

Corrections:We omitted one name from our list of leading physicians in our April Top Doctors issue. It appears below. This correction along with a number of minor fixes to include additional hospital affiliations appear in our online version of the Top Doctors list.

Leading Physician

John J. Janeiro M.D.


Urology Center of Southern New Hampshire

Nashua, (603) 594-0880

Past Top Doctor

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