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As a nominee in the 2010 Top Doctors list [April 2010], I was both honored and pleased to find my name amongst some of the best doctors in New Hampshire. However, I was saddened to see that the medical title I worked so hard to obtain (N.D.?Naturopathic Doctor) was omitted.I?m sure this was a simple oversight and while it is too late to correct the print version, I would be grateful if you could correct it in the online version of the article.I?m also a bit bewildered by the category in which I was placed: promotion and fitness. I can?t honestly say I know what ?promotion? is in the medical sense and while I do educate some patients on matters of fitness, it?s certainly not at the core of what a Naturopathic Doctor does.I understand that with fewer than 100 Naturopathic Doctors in the state, it may not be clear as to what role an N.D. plays in the medical community. I would like to extend an offer to help educate your readers as to the naturopathic profession through an interview or an article with Karen Jamrog for the Staying Well section of your magazine.With the debate over health care on many people?s minds these days, I feel your readers would both benefit from and enjoy learning about health care options they may not be aware of.Thank you so much for publishing such a great magazine! As a new resident to New Hampshire, it has been invaluable in helping me get to know the state!

Robin Sinclair, N.D.
Happy N Healthy Naturopathy

Editor?s Note: Sorry about the omission of your title and the odd heading that your listing received. This was a formatting error that somehow was not picked up in proofing. You actually tied as a ?top vote getter? in the category of Alternative/Complementary Medicine. The corrections have been made online.

Happy Hampers?
Concerning Mr. [Tincan] Caldwell?s suggestion [?Last Laugh,? April 2010] that the people of New Hampshire adopt ?Hamper? as a ?slightly whimsical? nickname: You mean like Laundry Hamper? Not my idea of whimsical. Or witty.Or perhaps he is thinking Picnic Hamper. Too English. This in America, man.It must be the verb that inspires Mr. Caldwell. To hamper. To impede or block (progress, forward motion, etc.) Well, maybe he has a point, but this is certainly a less-than-flattering self image.My conclusion? First, there is nothing wrong with Granite Stater. Second, the best nicknames are bestowed on us by others. We must be patient. When the time is right, the authentic nickname for those wise enough to make New Hampshire our home will make itself known and will be adopted by the people at the speed of Twitter.Carol H. Stewart

Also Un-Hampered
In response to the New Hampshire Magazine article about the N.H. Name Game, sorry, don?t like the name Hamper ? sounds too close to New Hampster, which our southerly neighbors love to call us in a derogatory tone. However, ?Masshole? certainly trumps that!Being a solid N.H. native, I like, and will always use, New Hampshirite. It?s got that ?granite? twist to it, which Daniel Webster so proclaimed: ?Men hang out their signs indicative of respective trades ? shoemakers hang out a gigantic shoe; jewelers a monster watch; and the dentist hangs out a gold tooth; but up in the mountains of New Hampshire God Almighty has hung out a grand sign to show that he makes [wo]men.?The Old Man may have fallen, but he certainly hasn?t been thrown into a smelly Hamper!Kathie Fife
CanterburyEditor?s Note: Duly noted. Oddly enough, your letter seems to anticipate the subject of this month?s Last Laugh.

Super Sam
I just wanted to follow-up on your Editor?s Note in the April edition. Thank you for including Dr. [Sam] Aldridge and our ?Socks & School Supplies for Sam? campaign.He really is great, and his warmth and excellence as both a physician and a person have inspired our community. I do hope you will consider doing something more extensive on him when he returns in May ? like everyone else who meets him, I guarantee you will love him!Would it be possible to ask you to send me a couple of copies of the magazine so I can hold onto them for Sam when he returns? I?m collecting articles, letters, etc., and we are planning to put together a scrapbook for him. I?d like to be able to share a copy of this with him, and maybe forward one to his wife and his mom. I?m sure they would like to see them.Danielle M. Mostoller

Editor?s Note: We?ve added some additional information about Dr. Aldridge here.His Wife Liked It, Too
Just a quick note to thank you for the wonderful extractions of my comments that went into the ?Top Doctors? April edition. Even my wife was happy.I would also like to commend the terrific work of your photographer. My photo really complimented me. You were terrific and my inclusion was appreciated.Gilbert Fanciullo, M.D., M.S.

I am writing to let you know that I am a subscriber of New Hampshire Magazine and I do enjoy it very much.I live in Charlestown, N.H., a very small town, however a great place to live and raise a family. I work for one of the biggest hospitals in this area ? Dartmouth-Hitchcock Medical Center in Lebanon.I work in the dietary department and I am very proud to tell you that the group of women who run this department is amazing.If you ever decide to do an article on great women who do great work or anything in the food and nutrition area, please contact the director of the food and nutrition department at DHMC. We started this new plan of eating healthier a year ago and [it] has been a great plan for the patients, visitors and staff.Eleusa Livermore

Cooking with Class
I am remiss that I did not send this much, much earlier, but I wanted to say thank you for that wonderful article on the cooking classes at The Balsams.I think you did such a great job of capturing the essence of the resort and of Chef Berry?s classes. I saw him not long after your visit and he said how much he enjoyed meeting you.Thanks again for the great article and for coming up!David Donohue

Kudos from Concord
Love your magazine! I have to make sure I get it before my husband does. Keep up the good work.Ann Crossley

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