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Need a good reason to spot the newt?This month’s lucky (and fearless) newt spotter will receive $50 worth of recycled glass suncatchers from Real Green Goods, an earth-friendly department store selling green products for sustainable living, all in one location. Located at 35 South Main Street in Concord. Visit www.realgreengoods.com or call (603) 224-9700 for store details!

Real Green Goods is a proud member of NH Made (www.nhmade.com), the state’s official non-profit booster of locally generated products and services. (Just for the record, New Hampshire Magazine is a proud member, too.)

March issue newts were on pages 22, 27, 33 and 84.Letters to the EditorMaking Houses Homes
I enjoyed the article “Building on Hope” in the January New Hampshire Magazine. The article started out nicely that “a house is not a home” and the Building on Hope organization is doing a wonderful job making a house a home.

For the past 27 years Lakes Region Habitat for Humanity has been building homes in the Lakes Region and is getting ready to dedicate its 30th home this coming June. Other affiliates have been doing the same around the state.

Habitat for Humanity in N.H. would be a nice article to run this summer. I’d be happy to collaborate and help you talk to the founders of Habitat in N.H. as well as connect you with the various affiliates if you would like.

Leonard Campbell
Vice President, Lakes Region Habitat for Humanity

Taxing Issue
I was very disappointed in your article on Moultonborough [“Dream Towns,” March 2010], which stated that the tax rate was 22.65. I live here and I know that this is way off the mark! Now I tend to doubt any other information you provide.

This is definitely not a good way to run a magazine. Sources should be double checked for authenticity!

Judy Taconet, MBA

Editor’s Note: You are absolutely right and we were absolutely wrong. The actual tax rate for Moultonborough is $7.70 per thousand. Just to be sure, we checked the rest of the figures in that piece and they were all correct, for what it’s worth.

Enjoying in Jaffrey
We moved to Jaffrey about two years ago to set up our retirement home. We moved from Maryland and as our daughter still lives in Maryland we travel back and forth between states. Our daughter has been up to our house in Jaffrey and so enjoyed it as well as we did. She gave me the subscription to New Hampshire Magazine.

I am enjoying the magazine in so many different ways from any other magazine. I enjoy observing what is inside from the cover. Then I leaf page by page glancing at the stories and articles looking for Newts. This normally takes two or three times through the magazine. Then after I submit my finding from the contest I go back to read the article, some of which I noted from the paging process looking for the Newts. I cannot remember a time when I went through a magazine so many times. It is a great way to enjoy the magazine.

Currently we are spending time between Jaffrey and a summer place in Lewes, Del. I always look forward to being back in Jaffrey every time we leave. I know my daughter set me up with my copy of New Hampshire Magazine being delivered to the Lewes address; I expect to change it so I can read it in New Hampshire as I should.

Keep up the good work.

Dennis Moore

Adjust Your Spectacles
I have just perused and enjoyed the March 2010 issue of New Hampshire Magazine. Some more alert proofreading is needed. I especially enjoyed the article on page 68 by Barbara Lauterbach covering food and travel in Perigord, France [Food For Thought].

The article title and photo caption both incorrectly indicate “Pericord” and not Perigord as indicated in the article.

Bill Tighe
New London

Newts and More
Well, it took a few scans through the February issue with stops for several interesting articles, but I believe I found the four newts. I also believe I found the newt within the lithograph on page 14 … it’s hidden in the bushes on the illustration of the Rockingham Race Track (which would be a great gift — I’m checking their Web site next!).

Thanx again for a great article. Hopefully my husband will enjoy the “tour” from Concord to Portsmouth in February. We began our courtship on a sleigh ride at Point of View Farm. I think it’s time for a revisit! Keep up the great magazine.

Cathy Thorgerson
GoffstownWish Fulfillment
(Editor’s Note: The last time we heard from Saskia from Austria it was after our cover story on Bode Miller in 2008. At that time her fondest wish was to have a copy of our magazine to add to her collection of Bode Miller collectibles. We managed to get her a signed copy. Since then an even greater wish has come true as this letter reveals. Her note is left unedited to retain its original charm and energy.)Hello Rick
How are you ?? I hope good- I write long time not more.
at august 22 2008 I meet Bode Miller in vienna. my greatest wish coming true.
Now I have a BIG Question

Would you like show the pic from me and Bode in a New Hampshire magazin with a little article?? with the pic from me and Bode PLEASE PLEASE

you would make me very happy.

That Would be great.Iam the greatest Bode Miller Fan in the World. I hope you make a Story in a magazin I hope you write me a email back.Thanks so much

Write Following in the magazin

name is Saskia I come from Tirol / Austria / Europe.Iam the greatest Bode Miller Fan in this World.Bode is my Hero.He is for me the best Skier in this World.I meet Bode august 22,2008 in Vienna,this was the best day in ly life.Bode is the best

Saskia From Austria

Boomer Reflections
[Re: March 2010 issue Boom piece on “Generation Gaps”] I’m even more confused now!

The Yankee in me will always buy the cheapest coffee out there. However, on the road Dunkin’s (hold the sugar) works. George Harrison is the man, as is Capt. Kangaroo, but Miss Jean was better looking. What happened to the Reunite Lambrusco? Scooby Doo and Spiderman have always been favorites. I knew Keene State was the place for me when I saw Spidey painted on the wall in the student union.

Community Auditions was a staple every Sunday morning and aren’t Jack and Peggy still on TV? Lassie and Sylvester are definite favorites since we never had dogs or cats at home. I think Heidi would make a good Ms. Jean … give her a hand mirror. Sam and Dave? Simon, Garfunkel, Hall and Oates finally replaced Neil Diamond on the eight-track of my Toyota.

Early Sunday morning swim practices kept me away from Saturday Night Live (I could never understand what the guys at school were talking about on Monday morning.) Benson’s and Canobie Lake are tied at about two visits each, I spent most of my time at Field’s Grove, Centennial Pool and the “Y” pool.

BTW how long has Huntress been coed?I enjoy your articles.

Keep up the great work!

Dan Caron
Kingswood Regional High School

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