Letters to the Editor

Need a good reason to spot the newt?This month’s lucky (and fearless) newt spotter will receive a gift basket from A Brush With Life (www.abrushwithlife.net).An Art Nouveau wine theme adorns all eight pieces in the basket: slumped recycled wine bottle cheese trays, wine glasses with a decoupage design and ceramic tile coasters. The items are all the creations of New Hampshire artist Sheryl Chatterton.A Brush With Life is a proud member of NH Made (www.nhmade.com), the state’s official non-profit booster of locally generated products and services. (Just for the record, New Hampshire Magazine is a proud member, too.)Last month’s “Spot the Newt” winner is Bernie Hicks of Colebrook. January issue newts were on pages 12, 16, 30 and 77.Letters Wild Ride
My wife Sharon and I enjoy your magazine cover to cover. We have taken a few of the road trips, and the most recent was across the Sandwich Notch road in our brand-new Prius. The trip was not for the faint of heart, especially in a Prius, but we made it.Exiting the road we met a furniture delivery truck heading into the wilds of the road and we are still wondering where they were going to deliver furniture on that road.We chuckled at the next month’s article about Tripoli Road and that it was not the best place for a road trip in a Prius even though the scenery is beautiful.Carl and Sharon Anderson

Heart and Hearth
The Fitzwilliam Inn [January 2009] has fallen on hard times in the past decade but now Scott Nickerson and Leesa Crocker seem to have the drive and desire to put things back.My husband, Enoch Fuller, and I owned, operated and loved the Inn from 1963 to 1973 and it truly makes a dream come true to see it in capable and loving hands at last. I spent an afternoon with the new ownership team just before Thanksgiving and I have a gut feeling that they will be a success.Hillary Kyle’s thoughtful article was music to my heart and I can only think it will bring people to the hearth and heart of the Fitzwilliam Inn.Mary Lou Fuller

Reasons for Round
I was recently looking at the December 2009 magazine in the dentist office and enjoyed page 15 in UpFront. However, the square wreath did not resonate well with me. Perhaps you could pass the information on to the folks on Cube Mountain.The round wreath symbolizes the crown of thorns worn by Jesus at Calvary. The red berries we traditionally put on the wreath represents the blood he shed for the forgiveness of our sins. The endless circle is eternal life obtained through Him.In a secular world so intent on taking our “Christ Mass” out of Christmas, the square wreath is just another ignorance of our holy traditions. Merry Christmas!Ellie Morrison
BristolFoxy Look
The fox picture on page 15 [UpFront, January 2009] is beautiful. Just looking at his eyes makes one want to reach out to him. That picture alone tells one to carry a camera at all times.Mary Franklin
Cromwell, Conn.

Homeward Bound?
I am a reader of New Hampshire Magazine and I recently ordered your “Spot the Newt” T-shirts. When tracking my order I find that a place called CafePress, out of California, is where my order was placed. And, it appears that my tees were shipped from Ohio.Being a New Hampshire magazine, I thought these tees and other items would be printed in N.H.! There are many great screen-printing businesses in N.H. So, what is up with not using local printers?The prices for the tees are no bargain. As a matter of fact, they are very expensive. So, the cost of printing shouldn’t be the reason for going out of state.I am 60 years old and have lived in Gilsum, N.H., my whole life. I worked for R.J. Sports (also in Gilsum) for many years. I was the head screen printer and I know the cost of artwork, making screens and lastly the screening of the tee. One color print on front and one color print on back … as basic as you can get. That is why it is hard for me to believe that you cannot find any N.H. screen-printing businesses to work with you.On another note, thanks for the article on N.H.-crafted ornaments [Upfront, December 2009]. I ordered several from the N.H. Historical Society and am very pleased with them.Connie Jernberg Bassingthwaite

Editor’s Note: We originally set up the CafePress account because of the convenience and the ability to offer a variety of products that are produced as needed, but point taken. Prompted by your note, we are currently seeking out a local vendor to provide our “Newt Gear.”

Just Splendid
I extend to you and the entire staff at New Hampshire Magazine a most rewarding and bountiful year ahead. Keep up the splendid journalistic aptitudes.The publication really is a first-rate periodical and rates accolades galore for its editorial and article content. I have found no better competing publication anywhere in my travels throughout the eastern half of the country.Bill Carr
Louisville, Ky.

Why Not Another?
I would like to suggest that there be a category for Jams, Jellies and Chutneys on the Best of NH selection form. I bought some chutney that I saw in your UpFront section of your latest New Hampshire Magazine and it was wonderful.Andrew Fennelly
Forget Us Not
In the January edition you published an article “Where to Find Life After Dark.” In this article, in the section highlighting Manchester, I was surprised you did not include any mention of Ignite. Ignite is located at 100 Hanover St. a few doors up from the Palace Theatre. Ignite opened in August and has received outstanding reviews and patronage since opening. It has become a very popular place. The owners (Stephanie Acquilano and Neville Pereira) did an outstanding job in renovating this place. The décor is excellent and is very welcoming.Gary Hamer
Editor’s Note: We featured Ignite in our list of Hot New Restaurants back in November.

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