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Last month’s “Spot the Newt” winner is Deborah Brooks of West Stewartstown. December issue newts were on pages 37, 66, 71 and 76.Need A Good Reason to Spot the Newt?This month’s lucky (and fearless) newt spotter will experience the thrill of being the first pilot to fly across the United States. Aero Pioneer Times has packaged a day-by-day account of the famed flight with the original 1st Edition book on Cal Rodgers’ life as well as a poster and gift pack from Imagination Counts LLC of Portsmouth (www.imaginationcounts.org). Imagination Counts is a proud member of NH Made (www.nhmade.com), the state’s official non-profit booster of locally generated products and services. (Just for the record, New Hampshire Magazine is a proud member, too.)LettersMissing Providers
Your recent publication of physicians in this state was truly a disappointment. No where did you list a cohort of care providers that offer excellent care to our population here in N.H.: the mid-level practitioners. Certified Nurse Midwives (CNMs), Certified Registered Nurse Anesthetists (CRNAs), Physician Assistants (PAs) or Nurse Practitioners (NP) were all missing from your list.This grouping of highly skilled care providers takes pride in the services we offer to many here in our state. By not mentioning them in your “guide” it insinuates we don’t exist. Many patients would be very disappointed if we weren’t available to offer them the excellent care we provide. Shame on you for not including us in your publication!Susan Krasner, CNM, MS, APRN
Dartmouth-Hitchcock Nashua

My husband just received a copy of your 2010 “Medical Directory” with more than 3,000 Granite State doctors listed by specialty.As the administrative director of the N.H. Nurse Practitioner Association, I believe that nurse practitioners have been slighted. In New Hampshire, they practice independently and many own their own practices and employ other N.P.s there as well. Many of the M.D. practices use N.P.s, and patients can choose their own nurse practitioner!
There are approximately 1,300 APRNs in New Hampshire. The Board of Nursing has the complete list. I believe they deserve some recognition as well.Sally Becker
Administrative Director
N.H. Nurse Practitioner Association

Us, Too
I received N.H. Magazine’s medical directory this evening and immediately searched for my local podiatrist, to no avail. I was inquiring if there was a reason why podiatrists are excluded from your listing? As classified by medicare/federal guidelines they are physicians.I do live in N.H. and have a subscription to your magazine. Your efforts are appreciated and recognized for publishing such a listing. I am sure you would want a more inclusive and complete physician listing. Thank you for your efforts.
Kwende Smith, D.P.M.Program Manager
The Center for Wound Healing
Lowell General Hospital and Morton Hospital and Health Center

Smokers Stigma
The November article about Chronic Obstructive Pulmonary Disease [“Staying Well”] could be a lifesaver. Many people have this deadly disease and attribute their difficulty breathing instead to old age, until it is too late.What the article did not address is the stigma associated with COPD since about 85 percent of those with the disease were smokers. It should be noted that many of these victims quit smoking many years ago. Others were so addicted to nicotine that they were unable to quit. Yes, COPD is a preventable disease, but the pain and hardship it imposes on its victims and their families is as real as any other deadly disease.The American Lung Association in New Hampshire offers a free service to those seeking information about COPD or any other lung disease. The Lung HelpLine is staffed by health care professionals and quit-smoking specialists. Call (800) LUNG USA and select option 2 or visit lungne.org. The American Lung Association in New Hampshire is part of the American Lung Association, the oldest voluntary health organization in the U.S. Our mission is to save lives by improving lung health and preventing lung disease. And we have been doing that since 1904.

Linda Martore-Baker
Chair, Leadership Board
American Lung Association in New Hampshire
BedfordHeartfelt(er) Thanks
I just got home and I wanted to e-mail right away and thank you so much for using my snowman bust on the cover of New Hampshire Magazine. I am not a screamer but I certainly screamed a lot on the way home! How often does a needle felter from Effingham get the chance for such exposure?Thanks to all who had a part in this. The picture on the cover and the one inside are both wonderful. I really appreciate everything.Jan Graham
Tactile Comfort Creations

Turkey Dinner a Turkey?
I had to write you about my recent experiences at Hart’s Turkey Farm Restaurant in Meredith. I specify the Meredith location because I’ve never eaten at the Manchester location.On two separate occasions I found that ordering the regular size turkey dinner, I received a large portion of stuffing with a slight covering of turkey. The turkey was thin sliced and placed so as to cover the stuffing. It looked like a nice portion until you sliced into it. Then you found little turkey and a lot of stuffing.Other friends and relatives who have recently dined there say the same thing. You list this restaurant in New Hampshire Magazine’s “Restaurants:” Our Guide to Fine Dining.” Perhaps you would like to check this out?Marie Ann Gray

Editor’s Note: We made a quick call to Russ Hart at Meredith’s Hart’s Turkey Farm Restaurant and he said, should you choose to visit again, to notify him or the management of any concerns. “Hart’s maintains high standards and we haven’t been in business for 55 years to take advantage of the public,” he noted.

Newt Hunters
I came home from work today only to find my husband at the kitchen table still in his suit and tie with his top coat draped over the chair. He announced, “Your New Hampshire Magazine came today.” Then he gleefully said, “I found one of the newts!”He was sitting there with his magnifying glass thoroughly enjoying the “hunt.” Predictably, of course, for the next hour we poured over the magazine looking for newts — two folks with doctorates — thoroughly engrossed in New Hampshire Magazine. BTW, your editorial comments are always so interesting and amusing. This magazine of the five or so we receive is by far my favorite. Keep up the great work!! P.S. Still waiting for podcasts!Joanne Bassett
Cordova, Tenn.

Wrong to Publish
I was in the library today and read your magazine [December 2009] and enjoyed it as usual, even though I disagreed with the tooth whitening article.When finished I looked at the back cover and I could not believe it. First impression was, and you know that is the most important and lasting (did you read “Blink”?) — well, first impression from the ad was, celebrate, drink and drink a lot and ride your snowmobile.This was very irresponsible of you to accept this ad. I am the consumer and this is my impression; you can not tell me I am wrong or that I misunderstood anything. You were wrong to publish this. I will pass this along to the N.H. Snowmobile Association and Attorney General’s office.Maryly Matthewman
MeredithSuper Stella’s
I enjoy reading your magazine every month, and especially enjoy the events and restaurant sections. I live in the Dartmouth/Lake Sunapee region and wanted to point out a new restaurant that I think is worthy of your attention.Stella’s in Lyme is an absolutely wonderful restaurant, serving an interesting variety of dishes — many made with locally grown ingredients, which is an added plus. The restaurant is the first in Lyme, and one of few in our area. As a Lyme resident, Stella’s has become a staple for me, and I think many of your readers would be interested in finding out more about this little gem that is only minutes away from Dartmouth and on the way to the Dartmouth Skiway.Christine Vogt
Head Coach
Dartmouth Softball

Must Visit
Berry Delicious Bakery located on Tenny Mtn. Hwy. in Plymouth is a wonderful new establishment that is a “must” to visit and introduce to your readers.I happily travel over 50 miles to stock up on the melt-in-your mouth Danish and over 12 varieties of breads, including gluten-free. Try the sweet potato rolls. Try the Gruyère bread. Try it all.Chiara Govoni
LincolnCorrections: The correct contact for Tsubaki Florist in Hudson is Dave Picard at (603) 886-0003 and for Marlene Bennett is (603) 320-6897 (Holiday House Tour, Dec. 2009). Correct phone for Pam Chaffee is (603) 502-4442 (Rocking Stockings).

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