Letters to the Editor

Need a Good Reason to Spot the Newt?

This month’s lucky (and fearless) newt spotter will win four of these etched black moose campfire mugs (pictured below, on the right) from the NH Stores in Hampton, perfect to take on a camping trip this summer! Visit N.H. Made’s two stores adjacent to the N.H. state liquor stores northbound and southbound on I-95 in Hampton this summer for great locally made items and specialty foods. Or shop online at www.nhmade.com.

About Spot the Newt

Spot four newts hidden on ads in the issue, tell us where you found them and you might win an assortment of great gifts. To enter our drawing for a free gift basket, send your answers to:

Spot the Newt
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E-mail them to: newt@nhmagazine.com

Fax them to: (603) 624-1310.

Last month’s “Spot the Newt” winner is Priscilla Scott of New Boston. June issue newts were on pages 2, 10, 11 and 12.


Letters to the Editor

Lessons About Lint
I felt compelled to write to you after reading the column regarding lessons in frugality [“Last Laugh,” June 2009]. I wonder how those women used dryer lint. It sounds like a good idea because the lint is free, soft and could have many uses.
A number of years ago, I tried collecting dryer lint from family and friends for a pillow project. I found the lint to be filled with animal hair, other unmentionable items and very flammable. If anyone wants to use the lint, they should be made aware of these problems. Thanks very much for your attention to this issue.  

Ella Lombara
via e-mail

Cover Comment
I am writing to tell you that I was totally disgusted and embarrassed when I received the June 2009 issue of New Hampshire Magazine. I can’t believe the picture that you chose for the cover. It was very revealing! We don’t need these types of pictures on the cover of a family magazine. These kinds of pictures are meant for pornographic magazines.

I am asking that you cancel all future mailings to my address, even if I have some months left on my subscription. I am no longer interested in your magazine.

Mary Beth Theisen

Cover Comment II
The cover of the June issue of New Hampshire Magazine is so nice and fresh.
Hope to get up to Notchland Inn, Hart’s Location, sometime this summer to do some hiking in the White Mountains. Enjoy the summer.

Mary Franklin
Cromwell, Conn.

5,000 Copies, Please
Thank you for helping my business thrive. I was thrilled to find the article “Make Mom Breakfast in Bed” [May 2009] while I was waiting in the checkout line at Stop ‘n Shop, thumbing through the magazine. I told the manager, Paul Murphy, that I would have ordered 5,000 copies if I had known about the article previously. He laughed. However, the Harvest Market in Bedford is carrying my Laurel Hill jams & jellies (wine jellies and fruit jams and jellies). Yay!

Thank you, Erica Thoits and Susan Laughlin.  

Sue Stretch

Jackson, Not Lincoln
Thank you for including R & R Woodworkers in your June issue [“Shop Talk”]. Please note (and correct online) that we are located in Jackson, N.H., not Lincoln.

Adirondack furniture can be purchased through us directly or through a number of dealers located throughout the state. 

Could you list the Mount Washington Valley Chamber of Commerce’s Art-A-Ron-Dack event in the July and August issues in the “Things to Do” section?

There is a map and information about business locations and artists on the chamber Web site at www.mtwashingtonvalley.org.

Robin Kosstrin
R&R Woodworkers
Choosy People
I enjoy reading New Hampshire Magazine and am always amazed at how many creative people we have living here in New Hampshire. I’ve also noticed that many of those people are not natives of New Hampshire but chose this as the place to be.

I’d love to see a monthly feature based on interviews with these people and why they chose the Granite State. What they found special about here.

Keep up the good work.
June Lahey

Feeling Bugged
Thanks for sending the magazine. I work so many hours this time of the year I don’t get out to look at things. It’s been a really busy year – the bugs are terrible everywhere.

The article [“Bug Baffler,” May 2009] was wonderful, thank you!! Excellent.

Phyllis Biron

Back in the Fold
Five years ago I left New Hampshire to go to Arizona and enjoy a new job, the weather and the famous West Coast lifestyle. One of the best gifts I received was a continuing subscription to New Hampshire Magazine and I so enjoyed reading every edition cover to cover. Last year I moved back to New England after realizing life was not “greener” on the other side. Now as I enjoy promoting Massachusetts, more specifically the Berkshires.

I wanted to congratulate you this month especially as I received my “I LOVE IT HERE” edition. How great to see the magazine and the New Hampshire Tourism Office put together this type of partnership to promote local visitation. Now I’m “green” with envy.

Lauri O. Klefos
President & CEO
Berkshire Visitors Bureau
Adams, Mass.


Roy Neely wrote:
I’m somewhat in awe of what Len & Meredeth have done with their home & yard [“Symphony of the Seasons,” May 2009]. They deserve a special round of applause. They really have set the bar exceptionally high when it comes to restoring old historical homes, and what else can you say about the gardens – the beautiful pictures speak for themselves. Simply put, I admire them. As a professional landscaper I have to say that the Allens have surpassed all of my design projects. They might not realize it but they have added tens of thousands of dollars to the value of their property. My hat is off to them.

Mike Geran wrote:
Great article [“Staying Well,” June 2009]! Our diets have become so overprocessed, it is unfortunately no wonder we have so much chronic disease and autoimmune disorders. If we would just eat more whole organic foods, as well as take whole food supplements (instead of synthetic vitamins), we would be much better off. Unfortunately, this opinion is looked down upon by the vast majority of medical practitioners, and most people do whatever they tell them!