Letters to the Editor

Need a Good Reason to Spot the Newt?

This month’s lucky (and fearless) newt spotter will win a basket of delicious gluten free baking mixes from Little Bay Baking Company of Newmarket. www.littlebaybaking.com
Little Bay Baking Company is a proud member of NH Made (www.nhmade.com), the state’s official non-profit booster of locally generated products and services. (Just for the
record, New Hampshire Magazine is a proud member, too.)

Last month’s “Spot the Newt” winner is Robert Nomandin of Hollis. May issue newts were on pages 12, 77, 80 and 86.

Spot four newts hidden on ads in this issue, tell us where you found them and you might win an assortment of great gifts. To enter our drawing for a free gift basket, send your answers to:

Spot the Newt
c/o New Hampshire Magazine
150 Dow St., Manchester, NH 03101

E-mail them to: newt@nhmagazine.com, or fax them to: (603) 624-1310.


A Matter of Money

I felt this article [on colonoscopies, March 2009] was very informative on the need for this procedure and the ease of newer techniques on having this procedure done. The author touched on some of the reasons 40 percent of the 60 percent of United States patients don’t have this procedure done as being the unappealing nature of the procedure and its associated preparation and inadequate awareness, but what about cost?

Nowhere in the article does it mention the cost of the procedure. More Americans than ever before are without health insurance, and even with knowing the importance of having this done to help prevent colon cancer and possible death, can’t. They can’t afford it!

Mark Seavey

Got It Wrong

Please note that there are serious errors of information on page 77 under your monthly Things To Do. The listing for the 16th Annual Fields of Lupine Festival, June 5-21, reflects information that is several years old and directs readers to another chamber for information.

Perhaps you can include a corrected listing in your next issue with a reference to your current issue and the inaccuracy. Please visit our Web site at www.franconianotch.org for further details.

On a positive note, as an old native, I love the many and varied features in your magazine. I note “Who’s Your Caddy” by Jack Kenny – I must get back to read that entire article. Many of us “up here” forgive Steve Barba’s first 13 years and now consider him a New Hampshire native – now that’s a toughie!

Barbara Ashley
Executive Director
Franconia Notch Chamber of Commerce

Editor’s Reply: Thanks for pointing out the errors. We’ve corrected the information online and reprinted the listing in this month’s events listing.

Lots to Enjoy

New Hampshire Magazine is great. I check it cover to cover to find the newts while scanning the articles. This month’s “Symphony of the Seasons” article on the Allens’ garden is an inspiration to get outside and start planning my own garden paths! Thank you for the “Upfront Road Trips” each month, too.

Cathy Thorgerson

Big Reaction

This is MooseMan … just a thank-you. I have not seen the issue yet, but evidently subscribers get it early in the mail; I have simply been swamped with phone calls from folks I both know and new people as well. They’re calling me the Moose
Whisperer – I just love that.

Rick Libbey

Thanks, Friend

Thank you so much for your involvement with our Table Talk fundraiser. The article you put together came out fantastic! You are a wonderful friend to the Palace Theatre. We really appreciate everything you do.

Courtney Demeritt
Development Mgr., Palace Theatre

Missing Surveys

Physicians here did not receive [2009 Top Doctors} surveys. Is there a place on N.H. Magazine’s Web site for physicians to place their votes, or is there some way we can obtain the printed surveys? They would like to be able to participate.

We are proud of our medical staff, and several have been voted Top Docs and Leading Docs by peers and by your readers in the past, but many people here are not aware of the opportunity to vote.

Would you please let me know how I could help the staff and patients find the surveys, and when we would look for them?

Barri Wyman
Cheshire Medical Center/
Dartmouth-Hitchcock Keene

Editor’s Reply: The surveys go out in January, and we make efforts to get the word out in advance. For 2010, doctors who prefer to receive their ballots online may request in advance and have the survey e-mailed to them.

In online comments, Catherine wrote:

I found the top 20 things to do in New Hampshire kind of weak; apparently the only interesting things in New Hampshire are from Mt. Washington south? The North Country has so much to offer for outdoors people, I just don’t understand why so many New England travel writers ignore this and leave the area for people to stumble upon by accident. The “100 Things …” I love and is a checklist we should all aspire to completing.

Pete Johnson wrote:

I can understand how you might view [Capitol Offenses, May 2009] many of these bills as “clogging” the system, and I suppose in some cases they do. However, I can speak directly about the bill establishing the State Dog. While on the surface it may seem frivolous, my son is in the 7th grade class in Bedford that has been involved with this bill the whole way. Twenty-four students are learning first-hand how legislation is made. They have attended Senate and House sub-committee meetings, and listened as legislators have discussed the merits and asked questions about the proposed legislation. They have created presentation material, and talked to their local representative (Senator Roberge) about the entire process. Who knows, maybe we are educating a future politician, perhaps a State Senator, a Governor or even President?

Barbara Buswell wrote:

Need a good reason for spotting the newt? Certainly not – look at my name Buswell and e-mail moniker Bbeebuz and I am meant to win this month’s prize. And I love doing puzzles! But where are the Newts? Once through the magazine and there are none in my magazine. So I go back to the Spot the Newt page and Eureka – there’s one. Back through the magazine again and there is #2. But congratulations to the winner of the puzzle (because it won’t be me).

P.S. Does the newt on the dropout subscription card count?

Editor’s Reply: Nice try, but no. Thanks for all your online comments. Keep them coming by visiting www.nhmagazine.com