Revelation from Rita

As I watch the morning news of Hurricane Rita plowing her way through the Gulf Coast towards Texas and Louisiana, I was writing in my journal. I wondered which would be worse: the hurricane or the political storm afterwards.

Later, when I came across your October editorial “Symbol Status,” I felt compelled to write to say thank-you for putting into words what I feel in my heart.

As citizens of this great nation we can choose to look into the past and point fingers of blame, or we can look into the future and point fingers towards progress and lessons learned: help yourself so that you can help others.

Needless to say, your editorial is now in my journal.

Kathy Chapman

A Gentle Reminder

I am currently browsing through my autumn edition of New Hampshire Magazine [Oct. 2005] when I came upon the article about the artist Jon Brooks. I was awestruck, moved and totally engulfed by his “Ode to 911.” Is there any way I could purchase perhaps a copy or any version of the sculpture? I am so-o-o-o moved by the power, simplicity and humility of the piece and believe myself and family/friends would be served well to have a “gentle reminder” of the horror as well as the benevolence of that day.

Please let me know if any type of artist’s rendering is available for purchase.

Vanessa Dombroski

Jon Brooks can be reached through the New Hampshire Furniture Masters (www.furnituremasters.org).

Redeeming Ourselves

When the October edition of New Hampshire Magazine arrived yesterday, I thought, “Here we go again. A picture-perfect fall cover for the usual ads on remodeling priceless kitchens.” I was ready to cancel my subscription because lush furnishings are meaningless in light of the human suffering, devastated lives and ruined cities of our own Gulf Coast.

Instead, you redeemed my readership with two deeper-than-granite-counter articles. “Symbol Status” and “Ghosts in the Field” prove that New Hampshire Magazine can produce more than glitz and gloss. Thanks especially for including Meg Cadoux Hirshberg’s excellent piece on the Cambodian immigrants working with farmer Eero Ruutila in Litchfield to overcome or accommodate ghosts of the past in working to build a better future.

Human life, wherever on Earth it is lived, is filled with both beauty and pain. Perfect homes make perfect fantasy, but like all things material, during hurricanes and war and other so-called Acts of God, they are easily swept away. In such times, when materials and mankind fail, it is faith enacted through human kindness that saves us all and leads to rebuilding.

Pamela Harris Kaiser

Color Them Pleased

We wanted to share with you how much we enjoyed the article in your September issue “Foliage Express” by Barbara Rogers and Lura Seavey. This article made us close our eyes and envision ourselves on the train seeing the beautiful fall colors, hearing the click of the train and just relaxing.

The article was very informative and very inviting to us as readers. We would love to see more articles of this nature in the New Hampshire Magazine because it is more reflective of the New Hampshire spirit.

Pam and Peter Rosanelli
Richmond, Va.

Just Get Over It

Thanks to the readers of New Hampshire Magazine, I have finally come to understand why the patience and understanding that so often leads to tolerance and peace in the world is in such short supply. It is all been used up seeking a fair and balanced “Find The Newt” contest. My goodness people, have we all forgotten that life is not fair? Build a bridge and get over it.

Mary Boyd Orem
(Born in Concord, living in South Carolina)

Coming Home

Just had to tell you my brother gave me a subscription to New Hampshire Magazine as a gift. He still resides in New Hampshire, and I look forward to receiving every copy. I’ve lived away from New Hampshire for over 30 years of my life and plan on moving back there once I retire from the federal government. This is the first time I’ve tried to find these little {newt] creatures and had a ball doing it.

Terry Nelson

She Cracked Up

Rebecca Rule’s “Getting Fresh” piece in the October issue made me laugh out loud, all by myself in my office. The visual images it conjured up are hilarious, and I can only envy Ms. Rule the vivid imagination that created these.

Long may she write for New Hampshire Magazine, and loudly may we all laugh at the results.

Barbara Radcliffe Rogers