Letter to the Editor

7 Trillion and Growing

“Golden Congressional Parachutes” [July 2006] was on target. Ordinary constituent citizens have to work far longer than members of Congress before we can afford to retire. Our pensions, medical insurance and fringe benefits are much less. We don’t have their perks of the nightly K Street Washington, D.C., lobbyists’ cocktail party circuit.

Imagine the amount of frequent flyer mileage they collect traveling around the nation and abroad on so-called “fact-finding trips.” Usually, these are just political junkets for sightseeing and free vacations. Too many members of Congress retire to become consultants for the very industries they were responsible for oversight of while in public office.

Both liberal Democrats and conservative Republicans have given up balancing the budget, which is one of their basic responsibilities. Except for Senator John McCain and a few others, everyone else believes the best way to grease the wheels of re-election is to load up on billions in pork barrel projects.

Democrats and Republicans have morphed into one Washington inside-the-Beltway party dedicated to staying in power regardless of the cost to taxpayers. Their philosophy is to increase spending above the rate of inflation. Liberals won’t say no to social welfare programs. Conservatives love any defense spending. Both support corporate welfare subsidies.

They are leaving the next generation an inheritance of government debt over seven trillion dollars and growing. Not to worry, unlike the Social Security trust fund, they will make sure their pension plans are fully funded!

Larry Penner
Great Neck, N.Y.

Servants of the People?

Maybe it would help if you ran Jeff Feingold’s Capitol Offenses article [July 2006] every month until the next Presidential election. What can you lose?

V.S. Beers

Disappointed Designer

Although I enjoyed the featured cover story “Show House Makeovers” [September 2006], I was extremely disappointed that a local Show House event wasn’t featured in our own state publication. In April, twelve N.H. designers, decorators, muralists and small business owners donated numerous hours of their time (and money) to create an outstanding Show House Makeover. This event, too, benefited a good cause; The General Federation of Women’s Clubs-NH (GFWC-NH).

In addition, the honorary chairman of the event was our own First Lady, Susan E. Lynch, M.D. Yet despite all the publicity and a visit from one of your own NH Magazine staff members, this perfect opportunity to feature N.H. and its local talent was overlooked; what a shame!

Michelle Reney
Interior Bliss

Enough Already

I subscribed to your magazine because the title is “New Hampshire Magazine” and thought there would be wonderful stories about New Hampshire.

Well, I guess I was wrong. The last few issues of this magazine have mostly been stories regarding “Women Who Make It Happen,” “Award-winning Homes and Kitchens,” “Top Dentists,” “Top Doctors,” etc. I am not really interested in these topics.

I am located in the Lakes Region which is north of Concord. I know there are excellent dentists in this area but for some reason, your magazine stops at Concord.

I am interested in stories, not what you are now including in your magazine. This is almost like the Boston magazine, which was 90 percent advertising. I dropped that subscription upon renewal and I will probably do the same to New Hampshire Magazine.

I will say I enjoyed the article on Keene, New Hampshire. I just do not think it is necessary to list all the “TOPs” that you do.

Barbara J. Perry

Helluva Skier

I just received my current New Hampshire Magazine here in Walnut Creek, California. A N.H. transplant from Barrington, I continue to marvel at the wonderful state of N.H. and subscribe to many of its publications.

On page 15 of the August 2006 issue you wrote if the first five recipients of the magazine would respond with the home town of Bode Miller, they would receive an autographed photo. Bode Miller’s home town is Laconia, N.H.

I’m certain I don’t stand a chance of winning, since I most likely received my magazine several days after everyone else did who reside in N.H. Anyway, it provided me the opportunity to thank you for a wonderful publication and the interesting articles about N.H.

Would sure like to win, as I think Bode Miller is one helluva skier and representative of N.H. I might not condone all the antics in which he participates, but I used to tear down Cannon Mt. in my younger days, and was proud that I was able to make every odd or even numbered tram ride back to the top. Back in the late ’50s and early ’60s that was quite a feat — as the equipment then was nothing to that of today.

Thanks again for a wonderful publication — and I will think positively about my “gift.”

M. Lou Emhardt-Pinney
Walnut Creek, Calif

Cool State

I truly enjoy New Hampshire Magazine. Having spent most of my life here in Florida, I still feel that N.H. is my home as well, and the magazine helps bring back memories for me. Also, when it is stifling hot here, which it is most of the time, I can open your magazine to find a photo somewhere of the beautiful cool mountains or forests and remember their crisp air and clean smell.

Although we have some beautiful things here, I must have my “yearly dose” of a fall visit to N.H. every year.

Lisa Ashland Haber
Winter Park, Fla.

Can’t Wait

Do we really have to wait until next summer to hear about your boat adventure [August Editor’s Notes]? I’m 82 now so time’s a-wastin’’.

Ann Peterson

Definitely Not Pink

My wife, Colette, and I were pleasantly surprised to see our master bathroom featured in NH Magazine’s July 2006 edition. It is noted on page 60, receiving the Silver award under the “New Construction — Baths $25,000-$50,000″ category. Its photo/design was apparently filed by Dream Kitchens, who was our kitchen/bath designer for our home.

Having read the master bathroom feature description, I wanted to bring your attention to some discrepancies in the same: 1. Our home is custom designed new construction dwelling and it was built in 2003, not in the ’80s; 2. Our master bath whirlpool tub never was (and never would have been) a “really big, really pink whirlpool tub”; 3. The walk-in shower was originally designed as a Roman shower without any enclosure. Colette and I added the frameless smoked glass enclosure in 2004 after Dream Kitchens finished its work; and

4. We do not have radiant heated floors (but wish we had thought of it).

Not a big deal on above, but not sure how the facts got cross wired.

William E. Ricco

Editor’s Note: Our apologies, the description that appeared with your bathroom was the description for a bathroom on the next page, repeated there.

Blown Away I

The Keene spotlight [August 2006] with the picture of the store on the opening page is amazing! Thank you — I was blown away that we got that coverage and the picture was great. My dog is now a celebrity!

Daintry Jensen
Miranda’s Verandah

Blown Away II

We just found out that you guys picked us as best up-and-coming band! I am totally blown away by that. Thank you so much. The band is now called Mini Jacket. Same members and music, just a different name. The Web site is still the same though.

Thank you so much for the great write up and the honor of being picked. We really appreciate your kind words.

Dave Foster, Mini Jacket
Passion for Food

Re: E-Buzz— thank you! I enjoy receiving these e-mails. I have no idea how I got on the list but it doesn’t matter!

I am a graphic designer, and food is my hobby and passion. I enjoy hearing about what’s going on in N.H., having only been here for six years.

Previously, we lived in Kentucky for nine years, where I subscribed to a local organic farm vegetable delivery service. Do these exist in N.H.?

While I’m not strictly pro-organic I enjoyed eating many different vegetables in season.

Lyn Davis
(via the Internet)

Editor’s Note: The New Hampshire Farm to Restaurant Web site (www.nhfarmtorestaurant.com) and NH Made (www.nhmade.com) list many growers who ship their products overnight via UPS. There’s a link to subscribe to our E-Buzz newsletter at www.nhmagazine.com

Liking It

What a long way New Hampshire Magazine has come! I enjoy the placement of the ads, the layout and the articles more and more. The Upfront section, “Super Poet,” was very, very good.

Nancy Wheaton Modern