June 2013 Letters to the Editor

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Steampunk Happenings
I saw with some pleasure your article titled "Steam Rising" [May 2013] and wanted to add a few items that may be of interest to your readers. First, two of the most popular Steampunk sites on the Web for connecting with others and sources of information are Steampunk Empire and  Brass Goggles. A quick search on your part will find these.

If I recall correctly, at last count Steampunk Empire had some 93 thousand photographs up of objects, people in costume and locations. This does not count the listings for events, groups in disparate areas and the usual suspects as found in our communities.

Incidentally, regular monthly Steampunk Meetups are held at the Charles River Museum of Innovation, the hosts for Watch City. I was told that some 60 persons attended in February.

I am the organizer of this year's 6th Annual New England Steampunk Picnic, to be held at Capron Zoo & Park in Attleboro, Mass., on September 14 (thesteampunkempire.com/events/6th-annual-new-england-steampunk-picnic). Please consider yourselves and friends invited. Period dress is not required, yet I might remind you that jeans (dungarees) are period Victorian workman's dress.

Good luck with the magazine, I shall keep your publication under observation.

Ryan S. Grim
a.k.a. Sgt. Mustache

Plymouth, Mass.

Secret No Longer
I love the magazine. Especially the issue on the rising steampunk fashion world — except now everyone will know about it. Oh well, it's too cool to keep a secret forever.

Christine Almstrom

Few Knew
Fun! I just went to Plymouth State University for their gaming convention, EconoCon. The theme was steampunk. Unfortunately, very few knew the concept. So nice to find that it my mailbox today … as well as the feature of Liz Jackson from Libby's Bistro.  

Elizabeth Reudiger
Owner of SaVoir Flare (see below), Berlin

Not Liking It
Regarding your May issue, I guess sex and violence sells, but not to me. Your cover is completely tasteless. I will not be renewing my subscription.

Barbara Nelson

Still Hip
I really enjoyed the article on Steampunk fashion. I'm 68 years old and definitely not in the "steampunk mode," but I admire the folks who design and wear those fashions and I appreciate your publishing their work.

Also enjoyed the "Women of Cuisine" article. Glad to see that a number of NH ladies are challenging a formerly male-dominated world. Thanks for a great issue.

Pam Dexter

Dinner Too
I was told by customers that your site had incorrect information regarding my restaurant, The Moonbeam Café, located in Lancaster, NH. I checked out the site this a.m. and they were correct. You list us as a breakfast and lunch restaurant only but, in fact, we are open for dinners as well.  

We serve American fare with Mediterranean accents. We feature fresh seafood and handmade pasta dishes.  Our greenhouse produces many of our own vegetables and fruit and we have our own bakery. Our correct phone number is (603) 684-1140. We change our hours and menu according to the season but we will always remain closed on Mondays and  Tuesdays.

Christine Fatterusso
Owner, The Moonbeam Café


Just Wait
I read your magazine from cover to cover.  I know some of the responses that you receive complain about the primary subject matter that you have such as this month's "Today's Women of Cuisine." Some people find it boring but they only need to wait until they read of a subject that they enjoy. You cannot please everyone all the time. I even enjoyed the last two articles by Dave DePuy, an attorney in the firm for which I worked 33 years as a secretary, and Tiffany Eddy, formerly with WMUR-TV.  As far as I am concerned, keep choosing a main subject and I will continue to learn through New Hampshire Magazine.

Eveline Provencher

Possible Problem
Not sure if this is a good or bad thing, received your magazine Saturday, didn't have a chance to look at it over the weekend, Monday morning (this morning while having his OJ) my husband looks through the magazine and finds the newts! Maybe I wanted to hunt for them … hmmmm … this looks like it might be a problem … thanks for a great magazine!   

Denise Coll
Dragonfly Manor

Hoping for Bears and Moose
Hope all is well in NH — my favorite place to be. I am looking forward to my long visit this summer and hope I see some bears and moose to add to my photography collection. Right now we are in full-blown spring mode here in Texas and I have been out shooting the wildflowers and old barns. You can see my work on Etsy if you wish, under Lyn Scott Photography. You will see the beautiful NH area there also mixed in with a few from Vermont and Massachusetts. I can't wait to get there … as always I love reading the magazine and searching for newts. I hide from the other half so I can get to it first!

Lyn Scott
Lisbon, NH, and San Antonio, Tex.

Meant to Be
Well, after reading the article about Grace Metalious, I decided I wanted to read "Peyton Place."  Funny thing was, I went shopping at Hannaford and they have a book bin at the front of the store. As I was leaving, I glanced over and right on top was a double volume of "Peyton Place" and "Return to Peyton Place."  Guess I was meant to read it.

Oh, I do miss the Sunday drives you used to plan out. I never actually drove them but always thought I would one day. Guess I can't now that they are gone. 

Tina DePaolo
(No town given)

Even the Ads
We thoroughly enjoy all aspects of NH Magazine. Of special interest to us, having moved here three years ago from southwest Pennsylvania, are the articles describing the various places of interest around the state. And while spotting the newt, we have also learned a lot from the ads.  

Nadine Obermiller

CORRECTION: The photo of Mary Ann Esposito in the May issue  isn't by John Hession. It should have been credited to Paul Lally.

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