July Letters

Praise from the Past
Thank you for writing such a wonderful feature [Modern Day Time Travelers, May 2004]. It is so well written, I can’t say enough about the structure, the facts, the flavor. It’s simply wonderful. I never told my son that I had sent that photo, what a treat for him to see his face in your magazine! It’s such a great piece! I’m honored.
Jack Lecza

Editor’s Note: Lecza is a New Hampshire business executive who participated in the PBS series,”Colonial House.” He represented the fictional British company that sponsored the colony. The show aired in May, but will likely be rebroadcast this summer. Check local Public TV listings.

Proud Grandparent
Because I am the grandmother of Olivia and Anya Thomas [Special Delivery from China, April 2004 issue], I bought several copies of your magazine. I had not seen it before.

Once I had finished the excellent article by Leeann Doherty, which I felt was well written and accurate on all levels, I read through the rest of the magazine. It was impressive in both the quality of writing and graphics as well as the range of interesting articles, so much so that I would like to subscribe. Keep up the good work.
Pamela Erdmann

Control Issues
In response to Jeff Feingold’s rant about control issues [Capital Offenses, June 2004]; yes, New Hampshire does like local control. However, there are times that local control fails and we are fortunate to have an avenue of appeal. Any fair system, be it judicial, political, or any other organizational structure, is built on this premise. There are issues that transcend the provincial attitudes of local control and call for a decision from a body that is able to more clearly see the bigger picture. Failed attempts to introduce some measure of logic to local zoning ordinances frequently require use of this avenue. An inability to address problems with our educational system and to take effective action is another example that calls for higher order decision making.
Mr. Feingold is correct in noticing a trend. That trend has continued for more than 200 years now and it is the essential nature of a democratic republic. Unfortunately, as Winston Churchill pointed out, it is the worst form of government — except for all the others.
Thomas Grinley

Need a New Compass
I love your magazine and have kept all back issues for references. We just received June, your latest issue, this morning and boy, are you in trouble. Reading “Compass Points, North to the Notch,” I couldn’t believe what I read. Interstate 91? That’s just great! We get people in here at the Visitors Information Center in Campton all the time who can’t find 89 and/or 95, and now you’re sending them to 91 in Vermont to get to Franconia? Someone sure messed up. Oh well, not to worry. We’ll straighten them out.
Doris Thibeault
Waterville Valley Region
Chamber of Commerce

Need Some Updating
I was enjoying your recent issue, reading about my area of the state and the “getaways,” [June 2004] when I noted that you need to update your information. The Shaker Inn is under new management at 632-4900. (I am sensitive to this since my inn’s name also references Shaker … and I tend to get many of their calls.) Also, the Mary Keane House is out of business. The innkeepers retired last fall, I believe. I run a small and attractive inn on the opposite side of Mascoma Lake, should you feel you need to add the name of a B&B to your list.
Nancy Smith
Shaker Hill B&B, Enfield

Stay-at-Homers Unite
I would like to agree with Barbara Coles [Editor’s Notes, May 2004], regarding her response to the chat room mom who said stay-at-home moms show their children that we have nothing important to do.
As a mother of eight, I stayed home and my husband worked. I only went to work because I wanted to, but my three younger children were in high school then. I was there when they left in the morning and home when they got home in the afternoon. Many times they would tell me how glad they were that I was there both morning and afternoon.
All of our children have great values and were not intimidated by my staying home. In fact, six of the eight are married with children of their own and raising them with the same values they were brought up with.

My mother was also a stay-at-home mom and I was glad of that. It didn’t hurt me. I hope that chat room mom changes her ideas or her children will be very misguided.
Mary Paquette

What’s All the Racquet?
I love reading your magazine! I have read it for years. I am the racquetball pro at The Executive Health & Sports Center here in Manchester, as well as the president of New Hampshire Racquetball, and U.S. Jr. Olympic Team coach. We have so many adults and kids playing the game, it’s really something. I think it would make a great story sometime in your magazine. The more exposure to the game the better! Thanks for your consideration.
Kelley Beane

Editor’s Note: It has been about four years since we did a story on racquetball. Thanks for the reminder.

Correction: We omitted the author’s name from last issue’s “Compass Points” story. It was written by Barbara Rogers.