January 2013 Letters to the Editor

Awesome Shot
I was hoping you would take one of my favorite pics and use it in your magazine somehow (pictured). Me and my close friends backpack through the mountains of NH often and thought you might be interested in this. We are from southern and central NH and I just thought it would be cool if this photo ended up representing the great state of NH and all the beautiful adventures it has to offer. This picture was taken on top of Rogers Ledge up in northern NH. It rained on us all day and up at the top the clouds parted for five minutes to give us a well-deserved sunset.

Chris Duhaime

Editor's Note: Check out the story about "magic hour" in the mountains for photographers.

Please be advised that the organization that benefited from the Seth Meyers comedy night in June was the Bedford Education Foundation, not the Bedford Teachers Foundation. The Bedford Education Foundation (befnh.org) is dedicated to making a good education system better by funding programs that push the limits and go beyond normal curricula. Our motto is "A private commitment to public education." Not sure if there even is an organization called Bedford Teachers Foundation.

An admittedly small point but we struggle to get our message and mission out to the public. It does not help when we are called by the wrong name.

Paul G. Brock
Chair, BEF

Editor's Note: Thanks for the correction. The online version of the story has been updated.

Durham, not Dover
David Hills, the owner of Emery Farm, has asked me to contact you regarding your recent article, "Here's the Beef" by Susan Laughlin. The address for Emery Farm, which was listed in the sidebar "Where to Find Miles Smith Beef," was incorrect. Emery Farm is located on Rte. 4 but not in Dover. Emery Farm is actually located in Durham. Any way a correction can be printed? Great article!

Missy Wilich
Assistant to David Hills

Editor's Note: We regret the address error. The online version has been corrected.

Missing a Category
Thank you so much for the wonderful medical directory, with a focus on heart health. However, I find your sub-specialties lacking and thought I might take a moment to help you correct this (since this also occurs when the NH best doctors is listed). Since 2008 there has been a new specialty recognized nationally as well as within our state. The actual specialty is called Hospice and Palliative Medicine. Many of us hang our hats in either Hospice or Palliative Medicine, but others including myself are in both. I think it is time for NH Magazine to recognize this new sub-specialty that provides pain and symptom management for those with life-threatening disease (and is not synonymous with hospice care). Thank you for allowing me to bring this to your attention.

Jeanne-Marie Maher, MD, FACP
Hospice and Palliative Medicine

We're so Clever ๐Ÿ™‚
Just wanted to send you a note of thanks! How exciting it was to see my name as the winner for your October NH Magazine Find the Newt Contest! I must admit I look forward to searching your magazine each month … you are very clever at hiding the newt … so it is normally quite the challenge ๐Ÿ™‚ I appreciate the opportunity to win a very nice prize. I look forward to using the handmade artisan soaps from Rocky Corner Soapworks ๐Ÿ™‚

Jean Vincent
North Hampton

P.S. I especially liked Amy Kane's article on NH wines a few months back.

I am a fan of your magazine and have two related questions. First, do you accept unsolicited opinion pieces (and if so, what are the length parameters)? And second, do you accept unsolicited longer pieces or pitches for the same? (I have an entertaining piece on the electoral college – believe it or not – which has yet to find a home.)

Kevin Fox

Editor's Note: We welcome unsolicited articles but it's a good idea to read a few issues of the magazine before sending either articles or pitches to determine the type of story we use as well as length and style.

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