In Their Own Words: Chloe Barcelou

Everyone has a story to tell. Meet the multi-talented film stylist Chloe Barcelou and let her tell you hers.

In her film production work, Chloe Barcelou wears many creative hats: production designer, art director, set decorator, costume designer and props master. But all these roles allow her to define the look of a film based primarily on her own style, resources and collaborative abilities. She also manages to be a stylist for still photo shoots and fits in modeling on occasion.

I believe passion is at the core of being good at anything. If I were to attempt to be a mathematician or surgeon, I would fail.

So far in film, each time the directors have stumbled on my work through the Internet.

Being an artist at heart, I generally find the most joy when I am given creative freedom.

I’ll usually have a list of every prop in the movie and I’ll have the responsibility of sourcing them or determining whether they need to be made from scratch because nothing like it exists.

I keep all of the most special items.

In film, it’s a “work until it’s finished” job and generally it’s never quite done. I’m a perfectionist, so I can’t stop until I feel it’s completed.

Budgets can often be a problem.

As my career blossoms and my style and creativity are refined, my hope is that clients will know my work and seek me out to design purely based on my aesthetic and without parameters.

I am completely obsessed. Photography, fashion and film is nearly all I think about.

I know if I was forced into any other profession, I would just die.

Barcelou’s career recently took a new twist when she and her boyfriend, Brandon Batchelder, became reality TV stars. Their handmade tiny house, inspired by pirate ships and gypsy wagons (and built from recycled movie sets) was in the season opener for HGTV’s “Tiny House, Big Living.” Since then the couple and their “dream house” have been featured on everything from WMUR’s “NH Chronicle,” to Country Living Magazine to London’s Daily Mail.

All wardrobe, styling, set design and makeup for this portrait were produced by Chloe Barcelou with assistance by Wendy Mendelsohn and Brandon Batchelder.

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