Handcrafted Chanukah

Ha-ne-roat Ha-lah-lu (These candles)
Ah-nach-nu mad-lee-keem (that we light)
Al Ha-nissim (are for the miracles)
V’al ha-nif-lah-ot (the wonders)
V’al ha-te’shu-ot (the salvation)
V’al ha-mill-khah-mot (the battles)
Sheh-ah-see-tah (that you fought)

1 Hand-wrought iron, $300; Jafar Shoja, (603) 888-0386, Nashua 2, 3 Porcelain by Eleanor Arkowitz, $80 (people); $150 (Walls of Jerusalem); custom orders, $150 (golf bags, computers, you name it)
(603) 643-2519, Hanover (Available at the League of New Hampshire Craftsmen’s Shop in Hanover (603) 643-5050)
4 Porcelain with sumi-e flowers, $80; Sibylle and Ronald Tornow, (603) 424-2592, Merrimack