Green Measures Part 1

Liner Notes

1. Lightening Bugs by Jennifer Kimball. 2006 Laszlo Art Songs, ASCAP
2. Following My Heart by Jonathan Edwards. 1994 Joinatune Earthwords, ASCAP
3. Little Road by Cheryl Wheeler. 2002 Pernod & Higgins Music/Amachrist Music, ASCAP
4. Spaceship by Jason Spooner. 2007 Jason Spooner/Spooner Records
5. Denatured World by Jan Marvel. 2008 Go To Girl Pub., ASCAP
6. I See by Justin Bennett. 2008 Arkham Records
7. Dance of the Children by Do’A. 2007 Crimson Ark Music, BMI

Green Measures 2008 Atta Girl Records Thornton, N.H.
Mastering by Jamie Locke.

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