Good Cause of the Month: Chucky’s Fight

A nonprofit dedicated to "knocking out substance abuse."

Starting last year, we’ve been alerting you to events and causes worthy of your time and philanthropic treasure in our Good Cause of the Month series. Keep an eye out for a Good Cause every month here at, from charitable events to volunteer opportunities to nonprofits you should get to know — and, by the end of the year, your do-gooder cred will be off the charts.

For this month’s Good Cause, we’d like to introduce you to Chucky’s Fight. Since 2006, founder and Seacoast resident Chucky Rosa has worked with community members struggling with addiction by providing access to sober houses, support groups and financial support for treatment.

What They Do

Father of six and former boxer, Chucky Rosa resides on the Seabrook side of the Hampton bridge, only yards away from where he takes a dip in the ocean each and every day, honoring his two sons he lost to addiction. Snow or shine, Rosa begins the day by jumping in the water where he laid his sons ashes, praying for himself and others who need the strength to make it through the day. Vincent died at the age of 20 after overdosing on a fentanyl patch, and just one year later, Domenic died at the age of 23 from a heroin overdose.

Rosa welcomes anyone to join him during his morning ritual. Holding multiple events and fundraisers, Rosa has been able to jump in with hundreds of different students, community members, and those who need help of their own. His efforts in the fight against substance abuse have gained attention far beyond the community of Seabrook.

The Rosa family began this nonprofit to help educate teens about the dangers of substance abuse, and to help those who are having difficulties with abuse by helping them access resources and programs they need to succeed in the battle of addiction. Rosa spends most of his days presenting at schools and treatment facilities, helping teens with community service, and finding shelter for those who need it. Last year alone, Rosa gave out $50,000 in scholarships to people who couldn’t afford sober living facilities. “It’s a fistfight that you can win everyday — I think it starts and ends with education,” says Rosa.

Each teen or those struggling with additction who pledge to live and lead a healthy life are awarded a special dogtag with the quote “Help Knockout Substance Abuse.” Since 2009, they have given out nearly 100,000.

The Boston Celtics and Massachusetts State Lottery recently recognized Chucky’s Fight by honoring Rosa with the “Heroes Among Us” award. This award acknowledges individuals who have made outstanding contributions to their communities. Rosa was introduced to the crowd at the Garden and was able to meet with the players upon receiving the award.

How You Can Help

Chucky’s Fight is entirely self-funded by Chucky Rosa and his wife Mary with additional help from donations. You are welcome to make donations at any time online.

Organizations, schools, businesses and companies can request Rosa to come and speak about his journey and the different ways you can make a difference in your community through education and action.

To learn more about Chucky’s Fight and all the ways you can get involved, visit the website here.

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