Give the Gift of Experience

What do you get the person who has everything? Give them a chance to live a dream.

Gift an opportunity to spend the afternoon as an action-adventure hero, world famous musician or a celebrity and they’ll never forget it. Living a lifelong dream could lead to a new hobby — and if not, the memory will last longer than that pair of socks you got them last year.

For the Rocker
Who hasn’t dreamed of ripping into a face-melting guitar solo in front of a stadium full of adoring fans? Get one step closer to living that rock star dream by actually learning how to play. Northstar Music Center has a thriving lesson and performance program that’ll get even the inexperienced beginner strumming in no time.

265 East Main St., East Hampstead
(603) 382-2242,

For the Secret Agent
The opening scenes of “Moonraker” saw James Bond fend off arch-enemy Jaws during a pulse-pounding skydiving sequence that had both combatants falling to earth at frightening speed. If the adrenaline rush is appealing but the plummeting part leaves you cold, consider SkyVenture  New Hampshire, where budding Bonds can experience the thrill of flight in a perfectly safe indoor wind tunnel.

100 Adventure Way, Nashua
(603) 897-0002

For the Cowboy (or Cowgirl)
While the dusty plains may be several states to the west, deputized equine enthusiasts and aspiring old-time lawmen and women can experience life atop a saddle during wooded trail rides at Lucky 7 Stables.

145 Litchfield Rd.
(603) 432-3076

For the District 12 Tribute
Running through the woods with a bow and arrow sounds great, until someone adds a hive of Tracker Jackers into the mix. Any would-be Katniss or Peeta can live out their Hunger Games dream by learning the sport of archery — taught by the high-level coaches at Archery in Motion. Take a few lessons and start dropping arrows into the gold like a pro.

Located in Bass Pro Shops
2 Commerce Dr., Hooksett
(603) 219-0294,

For the Misunderstood Artist
Sip some wine. Brood. And then let your inner turmoil loose on the canvas in wide swaths of emotive color. Or paint a nice landscape — whatever the group decides. Spend the night out with friends and come away with a souvenir that’s both hand-made and suitable for framing.

Muse Paintbar
42 Hanover St., Manchester
(603) 421-6500

Graffiti Paintbar
2 Cellu Dr., Nashua
(603) 589-9948

Art With a Splash
222 State St., Portsmouth
(603) 427-8251

For the Silver Screen Siren
Wardrobe is fitted, lines are memorized and the curtain is opening — time to break a leg. Acting lessons at the Majestic Theatre will provide aspiring thespians with the thrill of a dramatic production, guided by experienced and trained actors.

922 Elm St., Manchester
(603) 669-7469

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