February 2013 Letters to the Editor

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Old-ish Information
Thank you so much for including us in your December 2012 "Extreme Christmas" feature ("Christmas Light Display at the Shrine of Our Lady of La Salette") The hills were alive with even more lights this year.

Our Light Display is focused on the birth of Jesus, and many of the configurations are religious in nature: angels, star of Bethlehem, symbols of Faith and Hope and Love, etc., besides the candy canes, gingerbread men, poinsettias. The centerpiece is the Stable of Bethlehem.

Your information must have come from an old-ish archive file. It's been some years since we sold meat pies.

Another time, feel free to send us copy in advance, so people will know what to expect.

Again, thanks, and very best wishes for the New Year!

Fr. René Butler, M.S.
Shrine Director

Your Dining Out section needs a tune up. In the Dartmouth-Lake Sunapee section the Webster Room and Zins at the Hanover Inn have been closed for two years. A new restaurant is supposed to open in March when the $14 million redo is finished. Also I'd put the Courtyard in Newport in the Dartmouth-Lake Sunapee Region, not Monadnock, and the Crystal Quail in Barnstead in the Lakes, not Lake Sunapee.

Steve Taylor

Editor's Note: I consulted with our beleaguered and overworked food editor and she said you are right on all points. Thanks for the tune up.

How Much?
I was interested in the recipe for "Holiday Cranberry and Spinach Fondue" from the Mountain View Grand. The list of ingredients includes: 1 cornstarch and 2 pita bread or corn chips. I think I can figure out the pita bread, but it would be nice to know how much cornstarch is needed!

Jeanette Fagone

Editor's Note: Generally you add one tablespoon of cornstarch per cup of liquid. You could add more wine if it's too thick. Also, if it gets cooked too much by mistake it would thin again … but you wouldn't want to do that. Thanks for reading.
– Susan Laughlin, Food Editor.

A Beginning
Thanks for the excellent coverage of my vindication ["It List," December 2012]. Now it's the beginning for new things concerning the "herb" issue. Hopefully more education and less rhetorical science. Hope to meet you sometime. Thanks again. Blessings to you and guidance thru the grace of the Creator.

Doug Darrell (RasNoah)

Lovin' New Hampshire
Again here I am trying to win the newt contest. The newt is pages 29, 34, 71 and 84. I must have looked at pg. 84 14 times before I saw it … you guys are good.

I am so wishing I could be up there for Christmas this year. Your magazine with its beautiful pictures and Christmas-y articles make my heart swell. New Hampshire feels old-fashioned and brand new at the same time. How I love it there and can't wait until my husband and I can be there for good.

My husband and I live in San Antonio, Texas. We have a residence also in Lisbon, NH, which is where we plan to retire. I am always up there – four times a year at least to do photography and enjoy NH. You and I wrote back and forth a few months ago and you said you enjoyed San Antonio. It is still hot down here, however, [and] John and I will not be able to get back up to Lisbon until February. Sure looking forward to it.

I would love it if you looked at my link to see what I do in New Hampshire – you will see some familiar things. I am not advertising, just would love you to see why I love New Hampshire.

Lyn Scott
San Antonio, Texas

Pay It Forward
It'd be a great way to start the New Year if my name were chosen [as a newt winner]. Regardless, we're all lucky winners when we read NH Magazine.

Let our nation, the state of NH, every city or town and each individual be kind and fair to their neighbors and fellowmen. Why do some forget the "Golden Rule," treat others as one would like to be treated?

The partisanship in Congress, the greed of Wall Street, the heartless health care system, the failed and unaffordable educational system that limits access to higher education, the slashing of benefits for the poor and elderly, the gloom of exponential government debt crushing our democracy, the working class loss of employment burdens the taxpaying public and the destruction of our environment because of global warming and pollution. We're waiting for good news to become reality and to have strength for hopes not to extinguish before our time. We desire better lives for future generations, not have them enslaved as a result of selfishness and moral corruption.

In recent times my town of Plainfield had a teen suicide, a husband murdered his teacher wife in front of their children, a home explosion that killed a family of four and other sad events. All of these events affected each town resident because it was inevitable to think that somehow "it could have been us." The massacre and tragedy of Newtown, Conn., closes 2012 in sadness only to remind us of the senseless deaths at Columbine, Virginia Tech, Aurora and the endless lack of peace in the Middle East. Why has life lost its value? Where is the love?

Choose to "pay it forward" with gratitude. Let the commitment begin in the heart and the kindness radiate towards the outer edges of our universe.

Wish it … Dream it … Do it …

Maria Elena Guzman

News Travels Fast
I have read that New Hampshire Magazine has been sold to a printing company in Dublin, NH. Will the consumers see any difference or will it still be the New Hampshire Magazine? Will the hidden newt program continue?

Larry W. Ladd

Editor's Note: See the Publisher's Note for more about this, but to answer your question briefly New Hampshire Magazine and its related publications have in fact been purchased by the publishers of Yankee Magazine and the Old Farmer's Almanac. It's really a perfect partnership between a number of complementary products and yes, Spot the Newt will continue to hide in our pages.

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