Demo and Talk With Cookbook Author Susie Middleton

Cookbook author Susie Middleton will discuss her new book “Fast, Fresh and Green,” and she’ll also demonstrate how to add flavor to and get the most out of weeknight vegetable dishes. Tips include peeling fresh ginger with a spoon, making zucchini “ribbons” with a handheld julienne peeler, adding flavor with sweet/sour combos like balsamic vinegar and honey and more.

 Middleton will bring a tasting sample of her Caramelized Roasted Tomato “Sandwiches” with mozzarella and basil.Middleton’s cookbook has been named one of the top cookbooks of the summer by both NPR and The Washington Post. Fast, Fresh & Green is a collection of more than 90 vegetable recipes, organized by 9 great techniques for cooking vegetables. Eight of those techniques—from quick-roasting and quick-braising to stir-frying and even no-cooking—are perfect for weeknights. The ninth technique—baking gratins—is a slower-but-worth-it idea for weekends. The recipes, which use more than 50 vegetables, are designed to be side dishes, though many can move to the center of the plate.