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Need a Good Reason for Spotting the Newt?This month’s lucky (and fearless) newt spotter will receive a medium-size gift basket containing syrup, pancake mix, maple cream, maple sugar and maple candy from Fuller’s Sugarhouse of Lancaster. Fuller’s Sugarhouse is a proud member of NH Made (, the state’s official non-profit booster of locally generated products and services. (Just for the record, New Hampshire Magazine is a proud member, too.)Last month’s “Spot the Newt” winner is Alana Goodwin of Conway.November issue newts were on pages 30, 34, 77 and 86.Spot four newts hidden on ads in this issue, tell us where you found them and you might win an assortment of great gifts. To enter our drawing for a free gift basket, send your answers to:Spot the Newt
c/o New Hampshire Magazine
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E-mail them to,
or fax them to (603) 624-1310.Letters to the EditorWrong Runaway
I read your magazine each month with great pleasure. I just want to point out that there might be incorrect information in the November edition in the Arlo Guthrie article related to the state trooper who posed for the Norman Rockwell picture titled “The Runaway.”Your article identified the state trooper in that picture as William Obanhein. It is incorrect on Arlo Guthrie’s website as well. The trooper was Richard Clemens, who is alive and well.Just thought I’d let you know and thank you for publishing a great magazine about New Hampshire.Margo Lapietro
Town of LondonderryAyuh, No Ayotte
I find it very interesting and quite telling to look at the signs in this column in the November 2010 Issue of NH Magazine!Do you notice anything missing????????I see every major office and the signs for them – Lynch/Stephens … Kuster/Bass … Porter/Guinta …. Hodes and ?????That’s right – right before the election you put all the signs in the magazine except Kelly Ayotte. Seems to say something about Fred Marple and the editing of this magazine!Thomas F. Davis
A Proud Kelly Ayotte SupporterEditor’s Note: Neither the writer nor the editor had anything to do with the choice of signs. That was the artist’s fault, and from what we know, he’s a Libertarian. But we did contact Ken Sheldon, creator of the fictional Fred Marple, for a comment. It follows: “Actually, I think Fred is a member of the Know Nothing party. The fact that it has been defunct since 1860 doesn’t seem to bother him, and maybe he’s on to something. Judging by the campaign literature pouring into our mailbox lately, ignorance is making a comeback.” You can read the “Last Laugh” in question here.
Feeling Left Out
We are big fans of NH Magazine and enjoyed reading your article on New Hampshire breweries [October 2010], but I’m afraid we felt a little left out as we were the only New Hampshire brewery not mentioned in the article. Please keep us in mind if you do any future articles.Kirsten Neves
Tuckerman Brewing Company LLCThen Again …
I sent an e-mail earlier about your article on New Hampshire breweries and said that we felt a little left out. I just re-read the article and saw that it was focused on brew pubs. My mistake – that’s where multi-tasking gets you sometimes. I guess I’ll have to subscribe to your magazine and bring a copy home with me so that I can sit down and read your articles more closely.Kirsten Neves
Tuckerman Brewing Company LLCFor Future Reference
In the October issue of NH Magazine you referred to Christopher Lloyd [“Boom”] as best known for his role in “Back to the Future” and his time-traveling Lamborghini. Anyone who lived through the ’80s pop culture knows that you can’t time-travel in a Lamborghini. You need a DeLorean to do that. Stainless-steel body panels. Gull-wing doors. Leather interior. Rear engine, all-aluminum V-6 engine. It’s the only way to time-travel in style.John Goodwin
LondonderrySix Days a Week
I was reading through the latest magazine and noticed there’s an error in the Restaurant Guide at the back of the magazine for Bavaria German Restaurant. It states they’re open for dinner only Tues.-Thurs. However, they’re also open for lunch and dinner Fri.-Sun. Just wanted to point this out for next month’s issue.Amanda Buckley
ManchesterFeeling Al Gore-ish
Greetings from a winner of the N.H. Dream Vacation Contest. (Specifically, I’m the Al Gore of the contest – I won the popular vote but was not the judges’ pick.) I hear you ran a story with the winning photos on page 17 of your November issue. Could you please mail me a couple of copies?Also, will the story appear on your website? If so, I’d be happy to link it to this page: Tolman
WorcesterEditor’s Note: Glad to share a link with your page, and congratulations on getting all those votes for your photo. A guide to newsstands that carry us can be found and back issues of New Hampshire Magazine can be ordered on our website: And yes, the photos are on the website and can be seen here.
Four Years of Food
I would like to thank [Food Editor Susan Laughlin] and NH Magazine for giving me the opportunity over the last four years to write about food. Too many times people study recipes and not the food itself, not knowing where ingredients come from or what varieties they’re using. Recipes are not nearly as important as the food itself.Thanks also to the readers who responded. If any of you are in Portsmouth, please stop by Popovers on the Square and say hello.Steve James
Certified Master Baker
Popovers on the Square
PortsmouthEditor’s Note: We are so fortunate to have had Steve James’ advice and insights in our pages for the past years and we wish him the best in all his future projects. New Hampshire Magazine has been around long enough to remember when he and a small handful of other chefs set out to make New Hampshire into a destination state for great food and fine dining experiences. In short, we are doubly indebted to him for reporting so wonderfully about food that it piques our appetites, and for helping create a dining scene where those appetites can be delightfully satisfied.Online CommentsSteven R. wrote: [Re: “Capitol Offenses,” November 2010] Let me get this straight. A 200-year-old tax system based on property values isn’t state-level socialism. Ill-conceived policies of the federal government and the Federal Reserve – none of which the people of New Hampshire could prevent – isn’t state-level socialism. An enormous housing bubble that came about as a result of those policies isn’t state-level socialism. The ill-advised spending by the government of artificially inflated revenues as a result of the bubble isn’t socialism.Yet, the author takes all of the above and asserts that we live in the most socialist state in the country? And then offers hope that we will pursue more ill-advised policies to keep those artificially inflated prices and tax revenues in place. Clearly, one of us is missing something.B. Elwin Sherman wrote to Fred Marple: [Re: “Last Laugh,” November 2010] Fred: Just finished reading “My Platform For Non-Office,” your current Last Laugh offering in NH Magazine.Kudos to you, sir, for a laugh-out-loud piece. The last time I read anything so well-written was … well … my Last Laugh column in October.I’m a 10-time contributor to The Last Laugh (I only count those life-changing minutiae where some form of coercion was involved), and I know funny when I read it. Rather, I know what Rick thinks is funny after he edits it.Again, congrats for a zinger of a LL.Best,
P.S. I’ve tried to friend you up on Facebook. Sorry if that feels like a trap between a Hobson’s Choice and a Zugzwang.

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