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Your letters from the December 2013 issue

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So Much to Like
Just bought your magazine for the first time …. October issue.

Somehow I got on your e-mail list and got to vote on the cover. My husband is a big craft beer drinker and I really looked forward to getting a copy of this issue for him. I thought it would be a magazine he would enjoy but when I was paging through it, I wish I bought one for each of us.

So many wonderful articles and such variety … the cornhole board story, the real Yankee, Upfront about Mack's (gone apple picking there for over 40 years). In fact, my oldest son appeared on the cover of the Boston Globe Calendar magazine when we piled apples we picked around him at 10 months old and the reporter doing a story saw it), The Whiz Kid and Cuisine about church suppers just to name a few. I loved the quality of the paper used, the photos and the stories.

Have to say the Beer Lovers' Guide was really great too. For the past few years my husband and I have been taking trips to several states on what we call "beercations." I do the planning and since I don't drink, I will mix brewery visits with tourist type sites like general stores, etc. NH was one of the first beercations we took, but we are planning to go back and add some places we saw in the article.

I will tell you a favorite of my husband's to your list of stores, Glen Beverage. The owner was the one who got my husband to try craft beers many years ago when no one really drank them. My husband stopped in to get a German beer and the rest is history, as they say. Dale is awesome …. very knowledgable and helpful. Case-n-Keg and Wayne's Market are two regulars we stop at as well when up there.

While I subscribe to Yankee Magazine, and often buy Cape Cod Magazine, I think NH Magazine may be the first "state" magazine I may subscribe to.

One thing I will mention, I called NH Magazine and was told I would be able to find issues out on September 27. We were on the way to Vermont for our 39th anniversary and I planned to stop off in Lebanon to buy a copy for our annual Leaf Trip vacation the following week as a surprise for my husband. We stopped at CVS, Rite Aid, Shaw's and Hannaford and none had copies. I stopped off again on the way home on the 30th to the same stores and they still didn't have them. I stopped the following week in the Northy Conway area and still had a hard time getting a copy. Finally, I went to Hannaford Oct. 9 and found nothing on their magazine rack. I went to every checkout rack and even picked through each pile of magazines at each checkout. Finally, the last checkout counter, I found one tucked under a Family Circle pile. None of the stores I mentioned were familiar with NH Magazine.

Here's the funny part … my husband went into several stores to poke around and I stayed in the car reading my copy. People knocked on my car window asking where I got it or what it was about. Glad the cover I voted on won as it attracted a lot of attention.

Too bad I gave away the subscription cards to some asking about my copy.

Just got the e-mail about the December cover and will definitely get one when we go on our Christmas shopping weekend.

Laurel Kennedy Oster
Norwood, Mass.

Read Cover to Cover
The articles of the Yankees and the Shakers were very interesting and informative. I always enjoy reading your magazine from cover to cover. Keep up the good work.

Blanche L. Proulx

Time for Winter Markets
Beautiful job on the new restaurant article this month! I loved the layout and photos. You are so good!

I just got my start dates for the Tilton Winter Farmers' Market! I am so lucky to be partnering again with AutoServ Dealerships for the venue. I have the same 12,000 sq. ft. building again. It is a wonderful location right off I-93, exit 20 and it's happening every Saturday and Sunday from December 7 until March 30. I'm pretty sure NH Mushroom Co. is returning!! I was afraid that they got too busy for a Farmers' Market! Tilt n' Diner is also vending again. We expect more than 45 vendors. Thank you so much for all your help over the years.

Joan O'Connor

Editor's Note: Check out our list of NH winter markets happening around the state, including the Tilton Winter Farmers' Market.

Complimented the Spirit
I read your article this morning on the Barry Camp Wild Game Culinary Adventure. I enjoyed your writing very much. The article was well written, accurate and showed eating wild game as an important aspect of life in NH.

Your article complimented the spirit of the weekend very well and will do as much for promoting the future of the outdoors with adults that read your magazine, as we do with young people at Barry Camp.

I want to thank you for your attendance and support for our event.

Gary Sleeper

Happy to Hear
l did want to comment on an article that you did the interview for — it was with KelliAnn Mead. Interestingly, her mother-in-law Shirley Mead (now deceased), was one of my dearest friends and I was around when Chase was born and they began their journey with the help of the Easter Seals organization. I was thrilled to see this article as I had lost touch with KelliAnn and was so happy to hear how well things are going for the family.  Even as a very young baby/child, Chase showed that same grit and determination that will, I'm sure, stand him in good stead as he matures … a pretty incredible little guy given his challenges.

So, I do want to say thanks for that article and also for the wonderful info on new places to eat — always appreciated.

You have a great magazine loaded with lots of helpful information for those of us who love the Granite State.

Suzy Joy

Big Wheeler
Editor's Note: Our Q&A for November featuring White Mountain Regional School bus driver Prudy Baker has attracted more online comments that just about anything else we've posted recently. Here are a couple:

This is a tribute to the thousands who have been honoured to have been with Prudy! To see that it was written by Jeff [Woodburn] evokes another set of fond memories! Thank you for sharing memories forever etched on my soul.

Janet N. Haley

Thank you, Prudy, for always getting us to our games and now getting my kids to theirs. Congrats to you and we love you.

Meredith Sanborn Robinson

Newt From Around Here
Have you ever considered a separate contest for out-of-state newt spotters? Just a thought, since I've never seen anyone but New Hampshire-ites win!!?? Another suggestion I have is simply, enough of the Best Doctors, Lawyers etc. It gets really boring! How 'bout just keeping it simple, like it should be, not kowtowing to every doctor and lawyer in the state!

Gary Dulac
Vero Beach, Fla.

Editor's Note: A number of out-of-staters have won the Spot the Newt prize in the past, but it's a random drawing and there will always be more local people entering. The idea of a special drawing for an out-of-state winner is interesting, though. I'll ask the Newt and his wranglers to think it over. As for the Top Doctors and such, those features appeal to many of our readers and they are a big part of the mix of stories we provide throughout the year. Not everything is for everyone, I know, but we do try to keep everything interesting.


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