Create Your Own Backyard Paradise

Relax all year round with beautiful and restorative outdoor spas.

While some people may think of outdoor spas as a luxury they can’t afford, others view it as a very practical investment. Right now some people are more than just moderately trimming their budgets, they are taking giant scythe-like swings, cutting any expense that remotely resembles an “extra” they can live without. However, happy, healthy spa enthusiasts maintain that giving up their home spa is not an option they would consider cutting for many reasons, among them, saving money.

“Stay-cations” have become one of those resourceful remedies for many who choose not to vacation in the classic sense since they cannot rationalize the expense of air travel and lodging, or just don’t care to deal with the toils of traveling in today’s world.

“With the beautiful weather this summer, sales went sky high and we just enjoyed our most successful spa sale ever,” says Jennifer Hemming of Custom Pools. “Spas have become very popular because they can be used all year round.”

Unlike some pool stores, since 1968 this family-owned business stays open through frosty New England winters. Custom Pools carries the popular Hot Springs brand.

“Their insulation, among other benefits, sets them apart,” Hemming explains. “While other brands could run over $100 a month to heat, this spa only costs about $25.”

With a home spa, travel expenses are nil, and food and lodging are just the everyday cost of living. For as little as the price of one vacation, a home spa is the gift that keeps on giving long after your suntan fades from that one getaway. Not only will a spa provide a high personal return on your investment now, it will enhance the resale value of your property later.

In fact, as Patty Amergian of Aqua Paradise Pools says, they’ve shown much better numbers in 2010 and the majority of spa projects are for new homes.

Other benefits of spa ownership extend far beyond saving wear and tear on your tires and your wallet; spas are known for their restorative benefits, too.

While hot springs and mineral baths are ages old, for many of us, the single jacuzzi tub initially represented a means of therapy for sports injuries. Having long since jumped out of the tub and into the spa, now we understand the healing capabilities are much more comprehensive. Spas represent a worry-free zone, a place for quiet, contemplative thinking, intimate relaxing and a social invitation that few can resist. Spa owners believe this sense of well-being contributes mentally, physically and spiritually to a healthier life and makes them more productive.

To create your own personal outdoor spa-Shangri-La, begin with the classic list of wants and needs. Whether you want to create a simple place or an elaborate outdoor space, there is a spa solution to fit your body, your lifestyle and your budget. NH

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