Color Trends for the New Year

Nature-inspired neutrals and bold accents create fresh color combos to fit every personality

This year, creating peaceful spaces to escape the sensory-overload world we live in means many NH designers are using colors you find in serene, natural settings. But they are being used with some bold shades that can be tailored to fit your personality. “2015’s home décor colors are peaceful, uncluttered and nature-inspired,” says designer Lisa O’Brien of 3W Designs, Inc. in Concord. Renee Carmen of Mandeville Canyon Designs in Exeter, adds that, although “the greens and blues of nature have often been a source of inspiration for designers, they are mixing in splashes of vivid colors to create rooms that are fresh and unexpected.”

Tropical Hues

The desire to escape means beach-inspired soft cool hues are being mixed with subtle warm tones with a splash of the tropics. Think sand, beige and white with Greek blue. Or varying shades of colors like aqua, turquoise, pink and citrusy green. Carman adds that, “these colors are playful, and take the edge off the seriousness of neutrals, and make it a little more whimsical.” O’Brien says, “shades of Greek blue and olive green will be popular for those looking for bolder colors.”

Color of The Year

Pantone Color Institute, a leading color resource, has selected Marsala as Color of the Year. Carman loves that this hue can be adapted to people’s personalities. “Marsala red is so versatile — you can use it in small ways like a pillow or blanket, but also on walls or fabrics. It can work well with different palettes, which is not always easy for a red. One of my favorites is adding a splash of aqua or orange to the mix. Think Sangria.”

The Pantone Color of the Year, Marsala, is used in this kitchen by Mandeville Canyon Designs.
photo courtesy of Renee Carman of mandeville canyon designs

O’Brien adds that although Marsala has received mixed reviews as color of the year, some calling it dated, she thinks that “the reddish-brown hue is a great choice for an accent wall acting as the backdrop to a vignette, a pop of color in a sofa or armchair or for any accent piece.”

Classic Neutral Combos

Minimalist palettes are still loving neutral gray, especially in combination with dark charcoal and pale gray. Carman says that she’s selected gray for a new studio space because “it plays so well with other colors.” Like Marsala, it is a flexible color. People who like warmer tones can find a gray with brown undertones. If someone wants to play in cooler tones, like blues and greens, Benjamin Moore’s Misted Green or Coastal Fog take on different cooler shades in different lights.

O’Brien agrees. “Gray is still one of the hottest neutrals as it offers a great backdrop for splashes of color such as red, blue, orange or yellow.” Green is still a popular neutral too, and her favorite is Benjamin Moore’s Guilford Green. “It is a great choice for both interior and exterior applications and pairs well with deeper greens and yellows, grays, plums (perhaps Marsala) and wood tones, and even works with navy blue.”

And sellers take note: Carman says that “gray is a great staging color if you are looking to sell your house.”

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