Chick Glitz: New London

From Shakespeare to Bronte, New London offers a love affair for shopping.

Savor autumn's brilliance and perhaps do a little self-indulging this month by carving out some time to visit New London. This romantic New Hampshire town truly knows how to put together a retail "regatta."

Foolishness abounds at Larks and Nightingales, 277 Newport Rd. Here is where your heart will leap over the smashing wearable art from the Spanish Desigual collection, which is known for soft fabrics and designs influenced by Cirque du Soleil. Store owner Diane Moore is from the UK and her fashions lean toward European influence at amazingly affordable prices. The Hanky Panky Thongs ($18-$28.50) in comfortable stretchy lace are hard to keep in stock.

At The Lemon Twist, 406 Main St., you'll find fine clothing for all ages, from Kissy Kissy for infants to Lilly Pulitzer, Vineyard Vine and Neon Buddha for yogis. The jewelry line from Fornash offers class and conversation pieces. Store Manager Michelle is a fashion consultant, attentive and could become your new BFF.

Lis Ann's essentials and extras for women, 420 Main St., is a treasure trove of uptown casual wear and flirty sleepwear of distinction including fashions from Eileen West, Miss Elaine and DreamSacks (bamboo and natural wicking for night sweats). Look for accessories that "pop'" – handbags from Baggalini (designed by flight attendants) and hair fascinators from Jeanne Simmons that are brilliant.

Need a reason to smile? Head to Serendipity Boutique, 277 Newport Rd., where you'll find an eclectic mix of clothing, Fair Trade items and a fun atmosphere where they play great music that prompts you to sing out loud to old tunes from Todd Rundgren and his genre.

The Art of Nature, 9 Newport Rd., is where you'll find enchantment courtesy of Mother Nature. The smooth pebble welcome mats starting at $55 are irresistible for tired bare feet. The elk antler chandelier ($1,800), floral arrangements, natural soaps and rustic home décor is lovely.

Artisan's, 11 Pleasant St., blooms with New England artists and their work. The gray granite beads for add-on bracelets from Sunapee Granite are stunning and appropriate for all who love this great state. Home décor, gifts, pottery, wall art, cards, apparel and accessories make this a great shop to be stuck in when it rains. Every item in the store has a story and the knowledgeable and passionate staff don't hesitate to share.

Longer days and chilly nights are best spent with a good book from Morgan Hill Bookstore, 253 Main St., and the warmth of a scrumptious Denali blanket and the flicker of a Bayberry candle both from Bayberry Barn, 428 Main St.

Add to the mix a great looking dog bed and bone for your beloved dog from Unleashed, 277 Newport Rd., and you've created a Norman Rockwell moment.

New to the retail landscape is by emily b., 10 Lovering Ln., an absolutely adorable gift and event planning studio with panache. Influenced by the great novelist Emily Brontë, the shop bursts with romance and out-of-the-box gift and home décor ideas. Event planning includes intimate cocktail and dinner parties to over-the-top weddings. This shop is delicious. NH

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