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Your letters from the August 2013 issue

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Best of NH Thank You
Thank you so much for including theatre KAPOW in your Best of NH picks [July 2013]. We are thrilled with this recognition and truly believe that it will really help us introduce our work to new audiences. I also want to thank you for all that you do to promote and celebrate local theatre. I hope that you will get a chance to attend one of our shows this season. 

Matt Cahoon
theatre KAPOW

"Frozen North" Recognized
We (my hubby and I) always enjoy the Best of NH edition [July 2013]. This time the North Country actually had a couple of winners. Anyone/everyone will attest to the fact that up here in the frozen north we do tend to be overlooked. So thank you for searching out some of our cool places!

Pam Dexter
North Conway

What Were They Thinking?
Another great magazine [July 2013] but I must disagree with some of the Readers' Choices for "Best of NH 2013." What were the voters thinking? I think many of them have lost their taste buds! I've eaten in some of the "voted best restaurants" and I'll never go back to them. But then again I'm a foodie and proud of it.

Keep up the great work.

Janet Tamulevich

Rusty of Rusty's Heirloom Tomatoes

Tomato Love
We want to extend our sincere and deep appreciation for recognizing/naming Rusty’s Heirloom Tomatoes by NH Magazine as Best Heirloom Tomatoes [July 2013]. We were shocked, surprised, pleased and extremely gratified by the package we received in the mail last week. We didn’t think there was a category for best tomatoes (vegetables) so you must have pulled some strings and twisted some arms.  Many thanks and I guess it pays to have connections!

Tiffany Eddy came by a couple weeks ago and she got about a dozen tomato plants also. I think you should have a little friendly competition with her to see who can grow the best tomatoes. What do you think?

I hope all your plants are doing well.  The weather has been up and down and not ideal yet for growing tomatoes — they like temperatures in the 80s with night-time lows of 55-65. Hopefully we’ll soon be getting the warmer, sunnier weather for the tomatoes to thrive. I hope you had a chance to plant some of the snap peas and that they are also doing well.

What do you think about the idea about having a tomato tasting at the NH Magazine office when the tomatoes start coming in?

Ken & Greta Cook
Rusty (pictured) too

Editor's Note: Hard to resist an opportunity to taste tomatoes and, with a little competition in the mix, we may have to sell seats. Our people are  contacting Tiffany Eddy's people. Stay tuned.

Thrilled and Honored
I just wanted to thank you and your staff for mentioning us in your magazine [August 2013]. We were thrilled and honored to be mentioned by such a prestigious magazine [see "General Stores" here]. Your intern photographer was a charming young lady.

Dan Bellemore
Mont Vernon General Store

Real Smoke-Fired Cooking
You need to go to Goody Coles in Brentwood, NH. It's 1.1 miles south off of 101 going down 125 south. That's real smoke-fired cooking that's the closest to real southern food you will ever get.

Dana Garrett

Ballot Addition?
How does a business get on the ballot for Best of NH? Many of my thousands of clients have asked us. Some have written us in and voted for us in past years.

Dorinne Whynott
Professional Pet Sitting Etc.

Editor's Note: Each year we comb through all of the write-ins to find both new category suggestions and businesses. Businesses that receive a significant amount of write-ins in their category (every category has a write-in option) are added to the ballot for the next year.

A Reminder of Home
I love your magazine! I was born in Portsmouth, NH, also lived in Keene and Lakeport (how I got to Kansas I don't know?!), my parents live in Gilford and I have sisters who live in Gilford, Laconia, Concord and Sanbornton. I vacation in NH every summer or fall (how could I not, since my relatives live right on Lake Winnipesaukee) and my mother gives me a gift subscription to NH Magazine to get my NH "fix" during the rest of the year. I tear out pages of your recommendations for things to do and places to eat and keep them for my next vacation!

Ann Rush
Topeka, Kan.

Travel Guide
Love this July issue with who's the best. It helps when you are traveling in the state and want to use some of the establishments.

Lorraine M. Cahill

Great Interview
I just wanted to thank you so much for the interview in the June issue of New Hampshire Magazine ["Q&A," June 2013].

It was a great piece and I received many compliments about it. As you know, I'm an avid reader of NH Magazine and am very appreciative of being included.

Freddie Catalfo

All Life Goals Accomplished
Editor's Note: NH Comedian Juston McKinney tweeted a  photo on June 21 of his 2013 Best of NH Editor's Pick certificate along with the following message:

@Justonmckinney: Thanks to @nhmagazine for the Best of 2013 honor! All my life goals have now been achieved!

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