Artist with Attitude — And a Lonely Brother

Featured Shop: Museware Pottery • Manchester

Manchester artist Sherlee Burlington has a wicked good attitude these days and there’s a reason — her work is about to go national. Burlington, who was one of the founders of “Your Fired Pottery,” has, since selling out her share in 2005, started on a whole new artistic journey. Burlington makes Museware, which is a line of pottery that says “attitude” all over it.

What is Museware? “Greek Muses are the goddesses who inspire the creation of literature and the arts. It’s bisque white earthenware pottery ready to receive paint, glaze and be fired.”

What makes it distinctive? “My pieces have words or letters or
verses on them, with fonts that look like old newspaper hot type.” Burlington uses muted blue and green colors that cast a vintage look to each hand-painted item. “The last thing we do is splatter black paint on the neutral bisque.”

What items are popular? “A couple of years ago, my brother Russell came up with ‘swearware,’ which is a line of mugs with swear words on them — they are buried in my Web site.” As the economy changed, Burlington switched her focus and now is known for her personalized wedding and baby items.

You said you are going national, what does that mean? “I just signed with a company who bought the rights to use my design and art on products. So in the future you might see my design on aprons, wall art, hand towels, pottery, tote bags, you name it. The best thing is, I get a commission.”

I read through your Web site and noticed you are trying to marry off your brother. Is that just an old page? “Oh, my gosh, no, he’s chronically single and I have him on my blog. Please, someone, marry my brother!”

So What’s New?

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