April 2013 Letters to the Editor

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Bnnng Ht Spch
The March issue may be correct that guns have won the “debate” here in New Hampshire, but there is another forum where people of conscience might yet prevail.  Of course I am referring to the issue of hate speech. 

You know the words and phrases, propriety won’t allow a list. Think of them. What do they have in common?  Vowels, every one of them! Yes, if we only outlaw vowels, we will effectively stop hate speech.  Now, some may say, “When vowels are outlawed, only outlaws will use vowels”; so be it.  That’s just a shallow shibboleth used by bitter haters who cling to the first amendment.  If we can stop just one evil epithet, or at least render it unintelligible, our efforts and slurred speech will have been worth it. Lts gt t n!

David Avery

Those Were the Times
Your story on ski jumping [January 2013] brought back many nice memories of my youth. I remember jumping at Belknap about 1962, my father drove myself and Chip LaCasse from Lebanon to Belknap to practice on a very cold Saturday, the hill was solid ice, we were the only ones there and my dad had to jump out and grab us after landing as we were going so fast. What a thrill it was!

At the time I think that Lebanon was the ski jumping capital of NH.  We also jumped at Dartmouth, KUA, Brattleboro, Littleton and a small hill in Norwich, Vt.  Earling Heisted and Ernie Dion deserve a lot of credit for bringing skiing to NH.

Bruce Decato
Surprise, Ariz.

Got a Bite
Just a quick note to let you know that I received a phone inquiry on my 19 Grandview Drive listing this morning because of the article you wrote regarding impressive NH homes for under 300K [March 2013]. And just before noon one of our agents came in with your magazine to show me your article.

The mailman just dropped off today’s mail … and there was your mailer with two copies, just like you promised.

Thanks again for including my listing in this article and for the two magazines, I will hand deliver one copy to the homeowners tomorrow.

Roland Turgeon
Coulombe Real Estate

No Paper and Plastic
Wow! We are thrilled to see our restaurant, The Old Courthouse, listed as a perfect place for brunch [February 2013]. We are a family-owned restaurant using table linens when the world has moved on to paper and plastic. We have a great chef and we put a lot of love in the preparation of food.

Newport is a wonderful place to visit and we are pleased to be the reason many visitors come to our historic downtown. As one of only two brunch locations named in Sullivan County, we are honored to share the spotlight with Home Hill Country Inn. 

Jane Rastallis
The Old Courthouse

Reaching Seniors
As the president and CEO of Birch Hill Terrace, a continuing care retirement community in Manchester, I am looking for the best way to not only connect with local residents, but reach seniors and their children in other geographical areas.  These folks are our future residents and their families.  

New Hampshire Magazine has such a broad readership and appeal — we definitely see results from advertising.  The phone rings, we get e-mail inquiries and we know your readers are paying attention to our ads.  

Thank you for continuing to produce such a high-quality magazine that trumpets the Granite State!

Gary Zabierek
Birch Hill Terrace


I love your magazine and look forward to reading it every month. Being Irish, I could not let a small error go by without mentioning it. The clip art for the shamrock published in the magazine [March 2013] is incorrect. Shamrocks have three leaves, not four. Your article displayed a four-leaf clover, which is usually a symbol for good luck. I guess the person who prepared the artwork isn’t Irish!

John Woelflein

Fond Memory
I just wanted to thank you so much for your tribute [March 2013] to Rex Trailer, Major Mudd and Uncle Gus. Back in the mid-‘70s on the U. Gus show they would highlight a different breed of dog every week. I was about 15 years old and went on with my three English Cocker Spaniels. It will always be a fond memory for me.

I was sorry to hear that all or most of the shows were lost or destroyed. Would love, I think, to revisit that day!

Lori Ferguson

Embarrassing the Hales
Each month I await my issue of NH Magazine — until I see the February issue. I was born in NH, raised in NH and returned to NH where we live for six months of the year.

I have never considered myself a prude — but in my opinion you have done in New Hampshire with your February issue focusing on what you perceive to be “sexy in NH.” What are you trying to do, make it into just another cheap People magazine? I expect that the Hales and the Sagendorfs are a bit embarrassed, as am I!

There are so many wonderful, beautiful and historical places you should be focusing on to promote my beautiful state.

I would be ashamed to pass this issue on to my NH/Arizona neighbors. Try to do better!

Jane B. Ellingson
Green Valley, Ariz.

Blondie Screams
Jane Wingate’s “Going Batty” provided much merriment, as do all her pieces. My husband and I have been recalling our own encounters with wildlife that wants to share our house. I fondly think that we should follow a “live and let live” philosophy — and then I find myself screaming like Blondie to Dagwood about a mouse. And not just a mouse in a house. We travel with two mousetraps in our car.

Ruth Doan MacDougall
Center Sandwich

Castles and Racecars
Thank you very much for a great March issue. Great article on the “Granite Camelots.” I’ve always enjoyed seeing and reading about these special homes. Also noticed a page with other houses for sale — very tastefully done. Please don't let this be the start of multiple home listings like your competition.

Especially like your “Blips” on Taylor Martin. With NASCAR running two races each year at Loudon, wouldn't it be nice to link Taylor with her favorite driver and do an article on NASCAR and NH. Bet it would be a great hit.

Don Young
Cherry Hill, NJ

Compared to What?
Regarding the article in UpFront in the February issue, pertaining to former President and New Hampshire native son Franklin Pierce, personally I believe Franklin Pierce has received a lot of unfair criticism. OK, he made some mistakes. Hell! Haven’t we all?! But I say that Franklin Pierce was not a bad president, especially when compared to some recent commanders-in-chief.

Franklin Pierce was never forced to resign like Nixon. Unlike Bill Clinton, Pierce did not turn the White House into his personal brothel. Unlike Clinton, Franklin Pierce was never impeached for perjury, subordination of perjury and obstruction of justice. And, of course, the incumbent Barack Obama seems determined to be even worse than Clinton!

So, when you look at some of the losers and low lives who came after him, Franklin Pierce was a pretty good president and a decent man.

Jeff Weston
Ridgeville, SC

CORRECTION: In our March issue real estate story on the Rice Mountain Estate we incorrectly identified the author of "The Accidental Architect." The author is Gordon Hayward.

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