Antique and Classic Cars at Castle in the Clouds

Visit the Castle in the Clouds on July 9 to see some perfect vehicles for the stylish time traveler.
Effie, a 1911 Stanley Steamer that originally belonged to Tom Plant, was restored by Brent Campbell and shown at last year’s event.

The American obsession with Downton Abbey reveals a modern fascination with the era of servant-maintained grandeur. One local place to entertain that interest is Tom and Olive Plant’s mountaintop Lucknow Estate in Moultonborough. Built in 1914 with Tom Plant’s shoe fortune, the estate, now known as Castle in the Clouds, has preserved the character and finery of a bygone era.

It’s also the ideal backdrop for some other well-preserved icons of the past when the third annual Antique and Classic Automobile event rolls to the summit on July 9.

More than 150 cars, most from NH owners and all dating from the turn of the century to 1979, will be perfectly displayed in the meadows by Shannon Pond. Admission to the event is $5, which goes to the preservation of the estate. Food and beverages will be supplied by some upscale food trucks or can be purchased from the Castle in the Clouds restaurant. The estate’s Carriage House will feature a show of student artworks selected from NH colleges and universities (since not everyone cares to look at cars all day).

The Castle will be open for tours at their usual rate and admission there will grant free attendance to the car show. Programs at the estate have been getting more interactive lately, even answering the question that haunts all Downton Abbey fans: “Could you have worked as a servant in a 1920s kitchen?” You should, however, suppress your desire to see if you could have been a 1920s chauffeur. The classic cars are there to look upon, not to drive away in.