Meet the Manchester Transformers

See who's who on the August 2018 cover of New Hampshire Magazine

There’s no one person or group of people completely responsible for Manchester’s current coolness transformation. Still, it’s our job to take big topics and find those people or places that best illustrate what’s happening. In the end, we brainstormed a checklist of sorts — the things that make a city great, from dining to art — and asked around for the right person or people to represent the items we identified. Pictured on the cover are those people. A huge thanks to frequent New Hampshire Magazine contributor Kendal J. Bush for taking on such a complicated shoot. Thanks are also due to The Birch on Elm folks who let us overrun their space, and to everyone who took time out of their busy schedules to participate. Check out the story to learn all about how Manchester is on the cusp of cool.

1. Danielle Perreault, Fortitude Health and Training

2. David Booth, Fortitude Health and Training/FortCycle/Green Bike Smoothie Bar

3. Bill Stelling, Kelley Stelling Contemporary

4. David Casinghino, Boards and Brews

5. Elizabeth Cipriano, Bookery Manchester

6. Lisa Maria-Booth, Fortitude Health and Training/FortCycle/Green Bike Smoothie Bar

7. Steve Korzyniowski, Manchester Makerspace

8. Aaron Share, To Share Brewing Company

9. Karina Kelley, Kelley Stelling Contemporary

10. Dan Bérubé, Jupiter Hall

11. Katie Bérubé, Jupiter Hall

12. Derek Shooster, Bike Manchester/ Southern NH Planning Commission

13. Joel Soucy, The Birch on Elm

14. Dan Perrinez, Manchester Makerspace

15. Keating Tufts, Boards and Brews

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