The Faces of Employment Law

Charla Bizios Stevens and Adam Hamel of McLane MIddleton

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McLane Middleton’s Employment Practice Group is led by Chair Charla Bizios Stevens and Vice-Chair Adam Hamel. The practice group works closely with businesses throughout New England to manage their employment-related needs. McLane Middleton’s risk management approach helps to ensure compliance with state and federal laws and prevent employee-related problems before they arise. Clients take comfort knowing the practice group includes skilled litigation attorneys with extensive experience in trials, mediation, and arbitration. Charla and Adam have extensive experience in employment issues such as discrimination, harassment, employee classification, and wage and hour claims. McLane Middleton’s employment attorneys represent some of the largest employers in the region. They have assisted clients in navigating coronavirus issues, including the Families First Coronavirus Response Act, employee paid leave, employee testing and re-opening guidelines.

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