The Face of Perseverance

Woodbound Inn


In 2013, with only $5,000 to his name, Rudy Rosalez took over the operations of the historic Woodbound Inn in Rindge, originally built in 1819. With an absentee ownership, the inn was operating in the red at the time. After increasing attention to great service and quality food, The Woodbound began to take on a new life. In 2019, Rudy fulfilled his dream, and was able to purchase the property on which The Woodbound Inn resides.

Then came COVID-19 — unsure times forced the team to continuously reinvent throughout the year. Starting with online ordering, an epic take-out campaign and community support, Rudy and his team were able to weather the first few months. As the pandemic grew, the inn began to lose more and more of its weddings and other large groups. Once again, the team needed to change. With beautiful grounds and an old golf course, he and his crew created an unparalleled outside dining environment.

With lights, music, great food, and adherence to COVID-19 guidelines, they were ready to welcome back diners in a safe and elegant environment — and they came. With their mini successes, Rudy was able to reopen the Hometown Diner in September and hire back over 90% of its staff. “Closed businesses equal closed towns,” he says. Tents, music, diner classics as well as true Texas BBQ followed to finish out the season.

“Although Winter is upon us, we will rise to the challenge and keep trudging forward in hopes of a better day for all,” says Rudy. Delivery options for both restaurants are in the works. “With great crews and positive attitudes, we will not give up! We will persevere.”

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247 Woodbound Rd., Rindge, NH


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