The Face of Information Security

Cam Shilling of McLane Middleton

Confidence and clarity are critical when one stands at the intersection of technology, business, and the law. As Chair of McLane Middleton’s Privacy and Information Security Group, Cam Shilling has the insight, the determination, and the experience that businesses and individuals so dearly need today to visualize and navigate the roadway to information security, as well as the steady hand essential for steering clients through the crisis of a breach. As a consequence of his longtime dedication to this industry, Cam’s influence and impact have been felt deeply throughout New Hampshire, northern New England and beyond. A broad range of private and public organizations – banks and credit unions, medical and dental providers, financial and investment advisors, independent schools, law firms, accountants, other professionals, retailers, manufacturers, state and local municipal entities and many other types of businesses – all trust Cam to help them design, implement and maintain their information security programs.

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