The Face of Heritage Industry

Adam Nudd-Homeyer of Tappan Chairs

The lore of crafting Tappan Chairs has been handed down in Sandwich, New Hampshire, for nearly two centuries — since 1819, to be exact. A member of the League of NH Craftsmen, Adam Nudd- Homeyer is the seventh generation steward of this tradition. “For me, the most amazing part of this is the sense of being connected to a bigger story — whether that’s using equipment that dates as far back as the 1850s, or using patterns that were in some cases used over a century ago,” says Nudd-Homeyer. “It makes you feel like there’s a soul in every piece you make, and that soul is the spirit of our community, which has kept this business alive for 198 years. As we look to the future, it is now tasked to me to make sure that this historic undertaking continues to thrive for future generations in our town.”

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Tappan Chairs
331 Wentworth Hill Road
Sandwich, NH 03227

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