The Face of Dartmouth-Hitchcock’s Southern Region

Maria Padin, M.D. Chief Medical Officer, Dartmouth-Hitchcock Southern Region

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Maria D. Padin, M.D., was named chief medical officer of the Dartmouth-Hitchcock Southern Region in February 2020. The timing was perfect. Padin assumed responsibility for clinical operations for D-H’s care delivery in Bedford, Concord, Hudson, Manchester, Merrimack, Milford and Nashua outpatient clinics, just as COVID-19 was impacting the state and country. “It was no small task for the team to redesign and restructure care environments to make them pandemic-safe for patients and employees,” says Padin. “Thanks to amazing efforts, when a patient or employee walks into any one of our locations, I’m confident they are safe.”

Padin’s confidence comes from lessons learned and realizations gained. “We found out we’re flexible enough to pivot rapidly,” says Padin. “We’ve learned the importance of wearing masks, keeping social distance, and we’ve fully recognized that the discrepancy in health care quality in minority and elderly populations is a glaring issue that belongs on our agenda.”

With continued COVID-19 implications top of mind, Padin looks to a future that includes service expansion through a new ambulatory surgery center in Manchester. Scheduled to open in April 2020, the new center will offer high quality, evidence-based surgical services at a lower cost than if the procedure was performed in a hospital surgical setting. “It’s an initiative that comes out of our continual effort to improve patient experience, meet patients where they are, and ensure state-of-the-art health care is accessible and affordable.”

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