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Dr. Marco Amer

174 State Route 101, Bedford, NH
(603) 472-5733
General Dentistry

Dr. Marco Amer is the dental director at Gentle Dental in Manchester, New Hampshire. A thriving practice in the heart of Queen City, Gentle Dental provides all dental specialties, from preventative care like cleanings and exams, to more advanced treatment like root canals, bridges, extractions and dental implants. Traditional orthodontics and Invisalign are also provided in office by a board-certified orthodontist.

A graduate of Boston University, Dr. Amer has 25 years of experience. He believes in providing each patient with a personalized treatment plan, tailored to their specific and unique needs.Gentle Dental has a mission to provide healthy, confident smiles for life. This is reflected in the top-notch care provided by Dr. Amer and his team, and patient friendly-conveniences, such as evening and Saturday appointments and all specialists under one roof.